Why You Need To Start Your Own Ezine Today

An ezine can be a very profitable marketing model for you. It’s similar to having an email newsletter, but it serves more of a weekly contact basis type of idea. With email marketing, depending on your frequency, you have to continually write emails everyday and have it sent out to your email subscribers.

But with ezine marketing, think of it more like an “electronic magazine”. It doesn’t get delivered everyday, instead, it may only be sent out once a month. But no matter how often you send out your ezine, you are going to want your content to be good, and you will want to retain as much subscribers as possible.

I saw a guy put a unique spin onto his ezine. He sells a product for $10, and then you get billed each month later for 5 months – at $10 per month. So in total, he makes $60 from his product. Why he does this instead of just selling a straight $60 product is beyond me, but nevertheless I noticed something about his product delivery.

He sent his product information through the form of an ezine. Each week he would send some tips to my email inbox about his product, and he would just extend it like that. A technique like this is something new to me, but I guess it is what it is. Depending on the user and the email provider that they have, the seller’s information could be sent into the spam folder of the customer’s inbox.

This is not good. For delivering a paid product, I don’t think you should deliver it via an ezine. Sell the product upfront and deliver all information at one time. Save your ezine for backend marketing purposes, and for converting more of your subscribers on your product.

An ezine is great for selling because you can really build a relationship with your prospects here. You can share personal stories and information about yourself, and this in turn will help to boost your sales. Nobody wants a stale and boring ezine that doesn’t excite them. So make it a point to make your ezine good.

One thing that I don’t recommend when you send out your ezine is to make it a blatant sales pitch. People hate this and this is not what they signed up for. Give them the valuable information that they are looking for, and leave your sales information for later mailings.

Also, if you send out your ezine everyday, people will start to feel that you’re a pest. Don’t bother your subscribers like this. I know you want sales, but spamming peoples’ inboxes like this is not the way to go about doing things. It is said that it takes an average of 7 contacts before someone buys from you. If you think you can speed up the process by mailing everyday, then you’re wrong.

Take your time, offer great information, do some other marketing, then go on with the rest of your day. This is the best thing that you can do for your ezine, so make sure that you do it.

Good luck with your ezine marketing efforts today.

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