Who to Sell To

Physical Products

Of course, you can always sell physical products through the internet too. A great way to begin this is by looking around your own home for items that you want to get rid of and sell them using an auction site such as eBay.

Practically anything can sell and fetch a pretty good price on eBay. In fact, one person was able to sell nothing! Yep, it’s an honest to goodness fact. I don’t recommend you do that personally as there are plenty of rules you must follow, and doing something like this could get you permanently banned from buying or selling on eBay. So just make sure that you have a product to offer ;-).

Also, when selling a physical product on eBay, you’ll want to be sure that your descriptions are accurate. If there’s a defect with what you’re selling, explain it. Put it out there. This won’t necessarily hurt your chances of making a sale, but not adding important information like this can.

Remember too, that since you are selling a physical product, it will need to be shipped out to the individual who bid highest or “bought it now”. So, you’ll need to add those costs into the price. eBay allows for this, but don’t go overboard. Only charge what is necessary to ship the product. Don’t be greedy. It will bite you in the end! And having over-excessive shipping charges will sometimes make it harder for you to sell your product. Then you’ll be stuck with not only the item you were trying to sell, but also the fees to list it.

It’s important to add here that any type of information, or digital product you have, that has the resale rights of course, can be converted into a physical product by placing it on a CD. In fact, eBay encourages you to sell information products in this way.

Now, I’m not going to delve into all the specifics of how to do this as that’s not my area of expertise. And really, it goes beyond the scope of this guide. But I will provide you with some outstanding informative products that will.

Okay, we figured out where to sell our products from, and what we should be selling. So now we need to understand who we should be selling these products to.

Who To Sell To

Knowing who you are selling specific products to is just as important, if not more so, than what you are selling them. How exactly can one find out just who their specific customers are? That’s pretty simple. Think about the item you are selling. What is it? Who would be most likely to purchase it? Who would benefit from it? These types of questions can really narrow down your core selling base. And it will help you understand how to advertise your product and get a better response. Understanding your product completely will help you be more successful in the selling process, especially when potential customers have questions that you will need to be able to answer for them.

So, now that you know who you should be selling to, where do you go about finding this select group of individuals? Not too difficult. First off, high traffic sites like eBay for instance, are already comprised of hungry buyers. All they need do is put in a few keywords to search for what they seek and BINGO! There is a nice list provided for them. But be sure that you use as many descriptive words, or keywords, as you can when choosing a listing title for your product.

Say, if you are selling a dvd movie about Dracula. Then you might want to select something like this: Classic Dracula Horror DVD. You get the idea here. People searching for not only a DVD movie, but those searching for the keywords: horror, classic, and Dracula, will also see your listing. Always remember to be honest when you list any product anywhere for sale.

Another great way to find customers that are willing to receive notifications from you about certain products you are selling is by starting up your very own mailing list or newsletter. It’s easy to start one, and doesn’t take too much time to operate. If you decide just to send previous customers special notices when you have new inventory, that’s fine. But be sure that these people want to receive these mailings from you. Otherwise, you’re pretty much SPAMMING in their eyes. They have to agree to this type of action.

It doesn’t matter if they bought something from you. All they agreed to receiving at the time of their purchase was the product they paid for. Nothing more. However, if you approach them in a friendly manner and ask them if they would like to receive future notices about your new products, many times they will agree to that, if they are satisfied with your performance.

There are other ways to create your own mailing list though. You can create a sign up form on your web site, use a pop up or pop under from your web site, using free Joint Ventures, or offering free products to those that subscribe.

The bottom line is that previous customers can become repeat customers. And that’s what you want!

One last way I’d like to talk about is by getting traffic to your online store or web site. Even if you decide to run a free site, you can still sell products there through the use of banner advertisements, or ad boxes such as those provided by companies like Google. While you may not generate “instant profits” by using this method, you can begin to make a steady trickle of money over time.

We’re almost to the home stretch! All we need to do now is focus on the ways in which you can begin selling.

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