What You Need To Have Before Joining A Give Away Event

I’m sure by now that you’re sold on the powerful benefits of participating in a Give Away event.

But before you start plunging into one, be sure to have the following essentials checked!

Your Own Mailing List!

That’s right. I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this guide that Give Away events are pretty similar to ad swaps in one thing common: it’s using subscribers to make subscribers.

Bear in mind, though, that having your own mailing list just isn’t enough; you need to have a substantial one!

Nobody likes a free rider in any Give Away event. Period. And don’t let that person be YOU! Unless you can contribute subscribers almost up to par with other partners, you’re better off not joining a Give Away event in the first place.

As a matter of fact, most (if not all) Give Away event hosts are strict about partners having a minimum mailing list size before participating in their event. Also, it’s important to note that you have to be willing and agree to their minimum mailing frequency to your mailing list; notifying your subscribers about the event you’re joining.

While NOT all Give Away events are equal in their system, quality and results, you can qualify for a big number of Give Away events as long as you have over 1,000 opt-in subscribers, from my experience.

Your Own Gift

This is yet another critical success factor (more than just a need to join a Give Away event!).

Many events are accepting digital products of some kind. They are usually E-Books, software, scripts, Resell Rights, Private Label Content, membership passes, reports, you name it.

In short, prepare a digital product you are ready to part with.

Tip: notice I said “your own gift” in the sub headline? I personally don’t advice giving away other people’s products you own the (Master) Resell Rights to. For starters, NOT all products with Resell Rights can be given away freely. Doing so, you’re probably asking for legal action being taken against you.

Secondly, you’re better off creating your own gift so you can give it away in your name and brand it in the process. You don’t want your visitors remembering other people while you’re going a great length giving them away to build your list!

Creating your own gift doesn’t have to be hard, however. You can, for example, write a 4-8 page report (easy feat, really) on a topic you know well. If you own a membership site, you can give a trial pass away or even offer a “lite” version. Pretty much the same can be done for software and scripts whereby you offer a limited time trial.

Important Tip 2: take a lot of pride and effort in creating a quality gift. This gift is going to make your first impression good or bad. So don’t take it for granted… because people will be downloading it by the masses!

Auto Responder

I know this pretty much a given if you already own a mailing list. But I want to address a couple of important concerns.

Firstly, be sure to require a double opt-in for your visitors. This is in effort to prevent phoney details being keyed into your signup form by freebie seekers… who also want to take a step further in putting you into trouble such as spam issues. By requiring visitors to confirm their subscription from valid email addresses, you can cut more than a bunch of spam risks at stake.

Secondly, be sure to sign up for a reliable auto responder account. You wouldn’t want to use an auto responder that produces a high bounce rate otherwise your list building efforts would be literally wasted!

Landing / Signup Page

This is the page where your would-be subscribers would go to view the full important details of your gift.

Usually, this page is not shared publicly and used specially for Give Away events and incidentally, you also include the opt-in form at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to include the following details in your landing/signup page:

  • The benefits of your gift,

  • Remind your visitor that he or she is required to sign up to your mailing list in order to download the gift,

  • You will NOT rent, share or sell his or her details away,

  • And that he or she can cancel her subscription at any time!

Support/Email Address

Be sure to include a way your visitors or subscribers can contact you on your landing page and thank you page!

You wouldn’t want to trouble the Give Away event host into handling yours. Besides, where your gift and signup are concerned, it’s your domain and territory to take care of.

It’s advisable to include a link to your support helpdesk on these pages over your email address, if you have a support helpdesk. Otherwise, email would work, too.


These are some other important things you may want to include in your Give Away event preparation as a partner and contributor:

Photo & Signature – it would make your landing page more professional looking, and might just help with your signup rate boosting. Also, some events might require your photo so be prepared to have your best photo available!

Gift Image – people DO judge a book by its cover especially online. Be sure to prepare you gift image at various sizes (large, medium and small) because chances are that the Give Away event host will need one from you to display on the gifts page.

Forwarding/Tracking Link – while not mandatory, it would be good to have one so you can monitor your click throughs for both “sending subscribers to the Give Away event” and “how many people are clicking through your landing page to see your gift” so you can monitor the signup conversion rate.

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