What To Sell

What To Sell

Information Products

This type of selling is probably the easiest way to make fast money without huge overhead costs. And you also have the ability to sell unlimited amounts of information products to as many customers as you can sell them too. But, you must make sure that the information products that you have in stock come with something called Master Resale Rights. Master Resale Rights makes it possible within the product terms to resell not only the product itself, but also the right to resell it to those customers you sell it to.

While there are also Standard/Basic/Full Resale Rights, the definition of this is much different. These types of resellable products only give you, the original purchaser of the product to resell it, and not those you sell it to.

Even though Standard/Basic/Full Resale Rights is not a bad thing, having the Master Resale Rights will most certainly bring in more profits based on the fact that your customers can also make money with them as well as learning something at the same time.

With that said, you need to be selective on which resale rights products you buy. What you need to be looking for is a product that is 1. newer, and 2. unique. These criteria usually make for the best sellers. The reason for this is quite simple.

Lots of people jump online searching for an opportunity that will make them some fast cash. The information product business excels in this capacity. That’s why so many hop onto the resale rights information selling bandwagon. However, many fail at running a successful information e-business because they have no clue as to what they need to be selling! Or even how to go about selecting a killer product that will generate excellent profits for them without costing them an arm and a leg.

As I said before, you have to be extremely picky. And be wary of “hyped” up sites. Just because the site says that the product is A #1, doesn’t mean that it is. There are lots of stinkers out there. Remember that the owner of the website that is in essence “pushing” a specific product are in the same boat you are. They want to earn money. Things like “I’ll be raising the price soon”, “Time Sensitive Offer”, countdown clocks, and similar are all marketing tactics to get you to purchase right away by creating an urgency. It’s a good tactic and it works like you wouldn’t believe! But being aware that these are simply techniques will help you in choosing a good product as apposed to one that totally sucks eggs.

Along with those urgency techniques, also understand that not everything presented on a “sales page” is what it seems on the surface. Take for instance testimonials. It’s important for you to know how some businesses get these and why. First, let’s discuss how they get them. A lot of times, authors of products will offer a free copy of their product in exchange for a testimonial. And who wouldn’t love something they had to pay nothing for? In some cases, getting that free copy and providing a positive testimonial is a requirement, and not a request. Still yet, other times, the author will ask for feedback to perform final “tweaks” on the product before the official release, and then as a follow up, will ask those that participate for a nice little testimonial to which they offer the participants a “link back” to their own page. It’s free publicity. And another darn good way to gain your trust and get you to believe more firmly in the product so that you purchase it.

Furthermore, the reason why those in the online business need these testimonials is to gain your trust in them and their product. Word of mouth carries a lot of weight when it comes to customers purchasing something from you. Again, another marketing tactic that works, and works well.

Always remember that everything you see isn’t always so cut-and-dry. There are little things going on “behind the scenes” that you don’t know about. Are these things dishonest, maybe. To a certain degree. But there are those that offer testimonials that are completely genuine. Are there sales pages out there that actually speak the truth about the products they are selling? Sure. The unfortunate part is that it’s very difficult to know the difference. And the reason for this is that some internet marketers really know what they’re doing.

Now, where can you get high quality products for a good deal? One of the best places is through private membership websites. These types of sites are stocked with plenty of resale right information products to get you up and going. Plus, they almost always have quite a number of products that are up to date, or just released recently available for you to download.

Collecting your information products this way will most definitely save you money in the long run.

Add to this the fact that there are products you can actually choose from and decide which you feel are worth selling to your customers. Plus, when you resell these products, which most, if not all, come with resale rights, you stand to make 100% profits from them, excluding selling fees from companies such as PayPal, eBay, etc. I guarantee that having just one high quality resource for your information products, as Allan’s is, will bring you a much bigger return on your initial investment of having that membership on a monthly basis when you put your selling skills to work.

There is yet another way to get a decent amount of resellable information products for the cost of but one. You can purchase a “package” of them. Whether this is done by a special sale, or a specific product, you will always get your money’s worth if you spend your money in the right places.

With packaged information products, you have to again be very selective. Many resellers the method I like to call “recycling”. This is where they will take a bunch of older products and repackage them giving the overall effect of this package being something new. While in essence it is something new, the outer package, what’s inside is just the same old stuff.

The best way to avoid buying those information product titles you already have is to read the sales page and look for a list of products included within the package. Most will have this information up there, including an image. If it doesn’t, skip it and move on to the next one. If all it has is a title, skip it. You need an honest description of the package so you can determine whether or not you have those exact products already so you’re not “double buying”.

And to help you out, I want to provide you with a few outstanding titles that won’t cost you one red cent. Consider it a gift for purchasing this guide 🙂 This way, you’ll know what to look for by having an example provided to you.

There is one other additional way that can bring you in some pretty outstanding profits. And that is writing up and creating your very own information product. It’s really not as difficult as it might sound. And, everyone has a story inside them just itching to get out. Even you!

Next post:  Physical Products & Who To Sell To.  Until then, see ya later…

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