What Should You Have in Place Before You Start Forum Marketing?

In this article I am going to talk about the things you need in place before you can start forum marketing effectively.

Some people begin forum marketing before they have everything in place and therefore they miss out on starting to build a list from the very start.

I believe it is very important to have things in place first, so that as you begin your forum marketing you can see results and see subscribers being added to your list so you can see progress for your efforts.

Here are some things that you really should have already in place before you start your forum campaign:

Your chosen nicheYou should have chosen what niche you are going to build your business in. This particular niche should be something that is profitable, one that has plenty of products that people are purchasing already online, and one that you already know a certain amount about and therefore already have skills in that area.

A free gift

Think about the things that people on the forum will want information about. You could have a look on the forum and see which topics are being discussed and the kind of questions that people are asking.

If you can write an e-book answering those kind of questions then this would be an ideal free gift to offer people on the Forum.

So you need to have some sort of free e-book, ideally written by yourself that you can offer as an incentive for people to sign up on to your list.

A squeeze page

In order to capture people’s email addresses and to tell people on the forum about your free gift you need a squeeze page.

The squeeze page will have a headline describing what you are offering and maybe some bullet points of the benefits of taking you up on your offer.

You will then need a web form to capture people’s name and email address so that you can send them the free gift.

The URL to your squeeze page will then be the link that you put in your forum signature.

An email campaign

Ideally you will have an informational product that you have created that is relevant to people on the Forum and relevant to people who sign up to your list.

Once on your list you can then promote that product to them. This is called an email campaign.

The purpose of this email campaign is to build up a strong relationship with people on your list, to build trust with them and to build upon your credibility. Once this is in place people are far more likely to purchase your product and in particular any higher priced products that you have.

If these four things are already in place then it makes it much easier for you to start your forum marketing knowing that your efforts will be rewarded by people joining your list and ultimately purchasing your products.

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