Web 2.0 Viral Marketing

One of the newest yet oldest form of viral marketing is the usage of E-mail and Web 2.0 sites.

Remember the video called ‘Numa Numa’ who had this guy lip-syncing to a song… it was one of the MOST VIRAL VIDEOS of all time.

The owner of the site had TONS of traffic flooding into his site everyday and people everywhere WANT to imitate him and do their own parodies of the ‘Numa Numa Dance’ as well.

Another good example is the ‘Diet Coke & Mentos’ scenario.

Basically, when you have something interesting or extreme, people will tend to share it with their friends through forwarded E-mails, but in the case of Internet marketing, you can do a lot more if you play your cards right.

Facebook drives a lot of traffic as well because of the way they link applications and photos (tagging). For example, you can join an application for a game that builds empires using ‘GOLD’. They offer you MORE gold when you refer your friends to that application. That is how they build their list!

You can do the same by driving traffic to your opt-in forms, landing pages or blogs and you will be able to build viral traffic very quickly!

This is all, the very short and sweet of it because you can really dig deeper and deeper as to what will work the best for viral marketing.  We’ll touch on this down the road but that’s it for now.

Talk at ya soon…

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