Video’s And Books, I’ve Created

You can also type Carol Mehlman in the address bar at Amazon, Select Books, then Search and all 5 of my books will show up on one page!  Go check it out today! New Release on unique, 10″ Tall, Krazy Looking Paper Dolls! 12 Faces, 16 Bodies to Color, Cut, Paste & Create. Simple instructions. Stay connected with your children while they are young. Have fun putting these characters together and watch the big smiles these create on your child’s face! Check it out today! Waving At The Future, “Adult Coloring Book”. SEEING THE BEYOND offers 36 Futuristic, Geometric Designs to give you hours of fun and enjoyment. Now available in paperback! Bored? Lonely? Restless? This coloring book will keep you busy for a long time. Makes Great Wall Art. This adorable childrens story is now available in paperback! Bunnies everywhere having a party. Makes a great gift to pass down in the family!