Using Forums For Feedback

In this article I want to talk about using forums for getting valuable feedback about anything in your business and how it can help you to optimize and improve certain aspects. You can also use feedback in a forum for further product ideas too.

First of all let’s look at using feedback to help you optimize and improve your business. If you have written an e-book whether it’s as a free gift or not you can use the forum to find out what people think about the information in your e-book.

If your e-book is a free gift then you can start a thread on the forum and offer your free e-book with no opt in and ask for feedback on whether or not the information in that e-book was helpful to them. You will then need to check on your thread through the replies that come in and make sure that you are active and add your comments and thanks as people reply.

This is a great way to find out whether a free gift will be valuable to people on the forum in the future and if it is suitable then you can use it in your forum signature as a means to building your email list.

If your e-book is a paid product then you can ask for people to review your e-book. In this case you would ask people to private message you with their request and make sure they understand that you might use their review as a testimonial on your sales page. If you receive any negative reviews then you can change that aspect in your e-book before you go live with it.

The other way to use feedback on the forum is by looking at people’s comments that they make about certain purchases they have made, for example and then use that feedback to create a better product yourself. There might be things missing from a product that people really wanted and when you know what they are you can quickly create a product yourself that fills that gap.

Forums are a great platform to use for obtaining feedback but one important thing to note is that you should never take any negative feedback too personally. Try to see any feedback you get as a way to learn and improve your product or business – see it as a learning opportunity rather than a criticism.

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