Tips On Successful Preselling

In the affiliate marketing business, selling products or services is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Even if you have posted affiliate links in the most targeted places, you still have a hard time getting clicks and possible sales. What most site owners forgot is simple: preselling.

Preselling has many great things going for it. For one, aside from dramatically increasing your conversion rate, it adds content and community on your site or blog. Instead of driving traffic straight to your merchant’s site through your affiliate links, preselling directs that traffic to your own site first.

Multiple actions

At your site, you are doing many things. You are preselling your visitors (for higher conversion rates). You are creating content, which are indexed by major search engines (for more exposures over a longer time period).

All these would mean that your affiliate promo will keep on making sales for you even long after you have stopped promoting them.


If you are using your blog, you are giving your visitors the chance to interact with you and with each other. In the process, they ask questions and share their own experiences and initiate discussions about the product.

These activities in turn will help increase your conversion rates.


To further hone you on the great power of preselling, here are some tips on how to effectively pre-sell products as an affiliate.

The review would include details about the product, your own thoughts about it (which includes, of course, your personal recommendations), who it is ideal for, and details on where to get it.
Good product reviews should include a personal story, which could focus on why you chose to buy and use it, and why you are glad you did.

This one is very powerful and bound to increase your conversion rates. As one expert declares: People don’t buy products – they buy results.
Share your personal results in your product review, or make it into a case study. A case study is another of those great moves to build readership and momentum. It also allows your readers to see results.

If you have not used the product personally, use other people’s results and leverage them to your point. you can find these in newspapers, blogs, etc.
You can also ask people for feedback or user experience. Ask on Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Askville, and other sites. Do not forget to quote your sources.

These would include bestseller lists, top 10 things, reviews, as-seen-on-TV, etc. Any kind of widely accepted support will increase your conversion rate.

If your affiliate programs have incentives, do not hesitate in passing them on to your readers. (Some merchants do not allow this.) Be sure to check the terms of your affiliate programs first.

These are some of the hot tips that can set your site from the list of the affiliates. Again, the name of the game in selling is not selling. It is preselling.

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