Three Tips To Writing A Great Article

What is it that makes a great article? Is it the headline, the layout or even the sales copy? I am going to explore a few ideas that I have and found that work. Maybe you can get a few ideas yourself and choose to use them in your next article.

So let us tackle the first question. What is it that makes a great article? Let us start with the headline.

Having A Great Headline.

This will get your article noticed. If it a little boring and doesn’t really grab the reader’s attention then they will float by it without even looking at it. So what really makes a good headline? I have found that a long headline gives you more opportunity to be creative. In contrast to a short headline which may not even get noticed. Look at the headline for this article. It’s not short and it’s descriptive and I have tried to grab your attention. If you are reading this then it worked.

So longer headlines work better. What about the layout? I have found some fantastic articles on with beautiful layouts which look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and do grab your attention. So the layout of your article can really draw a reader into your words.

Content Is Vital.

Just make sure that you deliver great information, it would be a little disappointing if after all the hard work of creating a great headline and focusing all your efforts into a pleasing layout, only to find that no one is reading because your content was not very good!

Can Sales-copy Work?

I have not used sales-copy in an article. I will tell you why. I don’t believe that users are searching for a sales letter to read and in my experience they will recognise it for what it is and close your article. You may find that is not the case for you. Some articulate writers may find that they can write a very persuasive sales-copy that is read like an article. However, I think to some extent all articles are geared towards sales copy. For instance, if the article contains great information, then the author will surely want a result of some sort be it reading more on their blog, or reading another article they have written for example.

So in conclusion to sales-copy, I try to stick to giving the reader great information geared towards them clicking through to either another article I have or to my website for some great offer like a free book for instance.

Here is a summary of what you do to improve your articles:

1. Create a great descriptive headline.

2. Use the layout to draw your readers into your article.

3. Have great content that keeps your readers engaged.

Those are my three tips for you to keep in mind when you create your next article.

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