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Where Your Most Effective List Comes From

The problem with both of the above statements, is that while the second is a totally strange conclusion to come to and is totally incorrect, and the first statement is somewhat true to an extent, it still doesn’t give you the whole story. Where do the best parts of your list come from? Leads? Nah, e-zine ads? Nope. Free subscription boxes? Nope again, it’s your customers, the people who buy from you. Think about this, if you’ve made a sale before, where is that customer now? Are they on your list, or did you let them escape? These are the people that should land on your list before anyone else. The important ones that have bought from you before, and most likely will again if you don’t discard them or forget about them in a hurry. So this is where the fun part comes in.

You’ll notice that everything I talk about links into building the other four main resources along with it, and this is no exception or coincidence. How about making sales, and taking money for a subscription system or a website for the simple aim of building your resources, in this case, your list (although probably the other four along with it too).

Now here’s something I see quite often from the top marketers, that you could most likely overlook if you haven’t bought into these products or got involved before. Take this opportunity to think for a moment. If you could set up a product with the sole intent of building your resources, what would it be? At this point I’d expect replies associated with giving free stuff away, tell-a-friend scripts, and some sort of mass e-book library give away like we see all too often nowadays. Boring!

The Ultimate Tried & Tested

List Builder

How about doing something a little out there, that everyone seems to miss because they don’t get any immediate cash rewards? How about setting up a single sale product, or a membership website with the sole intent of building your resources, but not a free one? A profit-based website where you will receive no profit, or very little profit come to that. Sounds strange huh? On the surface of it, I can see how I’d be getting funny looks, and do indeed get funny looks when talking about this. Think for a moment though.

Remember again, we talked about pulling all your resources together, and the five main resources that will join together to make you money? I’ll take one example here, using an affiliate system as home base. Up goes your website, up goes your high commission affiliate program (abnormally high that is, I’m talking 80% and upwards) then out go your JV’s which you’re giving 100% commissions to. What’s the point you might ask? Well, whilst Mr. Joe Nobody is out there with his site, and from the start trying to make cash by selling stuff people through search engines and e-zines and the like, you’ve just set up a huge circle of resource building goodness.

People are attracted by your amazing affiliate program in this example (You can go other routes, like very well made products for a reduced price, or some sort of great offer, but this is the easiest to demonstrate for numbers sake). Once you have people attracted by your affiliate program, out comes the numbers of affiliate promoting for you. And already, you’ve got people doing the work for you, although granted you’re not getting paid directly. Don’t forget though that these guys promoting will not only build your customers, your long term customers, and your list at the same time, but they’ve just become your resource themselves adding to your affiliates that will stay with you and promote your future products.

See how you went from a seemingly totally unprofitable idea that most would throw out the window immediately, to an all singing all dancing resource builder. Cool huh? Who’d have thought paying people to promote something that you’re not making a profit from would be such a powerful method of marketing.

Now even though it’s pretty easy to come up with such a site, something I’d like to touch on here before moving on is your site itself, and specifically how you’re gathering your contacts (or not gathering at is seems some prefer strangely enough). How about those lovely intrusive sticky out things that pop up at you and make a clinky noise when you land on a website. I don’t know about you, but quite often I click off if I see one of them about. How about the old dirty popups that attack me when I forget to enable my blockers after downloading an update? They just don’t work anymore, and if they’re not doing their job, there’s absolutely no reason for them to be there.

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