The Ultimate Testimonial

The Ultimate Testimonial

Ok, seeing as we’ve done the audio and text thing with these testimonials, lets go all out, major bells and whistles professionalism with video testimonials. How often do you see streaming video testimonials up on websites? Not very often I’d say. In fact at the time of writing this, I’ve only seen two in my whole career, and they were great. Real people giving real accounts of using real products that worked. If any type of testimonial is going to add value to your products, it’s going to be this one. A simple idea developed into an all singing all dancing, hard hitting method that works.

The next best thing to video testimonials would be inviting these people over to your house to tell you how good the products are. I admit, this is taking things to an extreme, but with all the digital cameras floating around nowadays, and the ability to capture video through the net, and the larger hosting spaces starting to appear through the thought competition, it shouldn’t be more than a little time consuming to get a few of these. Well worth it in my opinion. Taking testimonials to the max.

The Standard Bonus

Right, I think we’ve done about as much as we can with those testimonials, so moving on a little to bonuses. Standard bonuses. Nothing fancy really, all you’re doing is offering up some sort of bonus with the purchase of the product, again adding value. Generally these are known as something directly related to your product, or even better, something that will benefit you as well as the customer getting it for free.
How about putting together a small training series that allows the customer to give it away, building your reputation, as well as adding value on the initial sale? Or if you’re really on a brainy one that day, how about putting something together that will make you money through educating the buyer? For example, give away an affiliate marketing course to your customers, helping them become better affiliates, allowing them to promote your stuff and make you money at the same time.

Bonuses – But Smarter

It’s links like this that make up really clever bonuses, where on the surface they might just seem standard to other people that don’t understand where you’re coming from. Always try to put something together that will benefit you as well as the customer, whether it’s increased sales, a re-branded book packed with affiliate links or links to your product they can give away, or an educational tool that will assist your customer, and put money in your pocket at the same time.

In fact, while we’re talking about giving away bonuses to enhance your product, I’ve even seen some really effective products that are just made up of a bunch of bonuses, with no real central product. Of course they have a central theme, and are all related in some way, but this is something to keep in mind for when you’ve been going a while and having a slow day. As long as all the products compliment each other, and are relevant, they can come together to make a whole new product and income stream for yourself.

Next post: ¬†Bonuses Done Right. ¬†Until then see ya later…


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