The Top 6 Reasons Podcasts Fail

So many people want to get their podcasts launched, but fail dismally. The big question is why would the podcasts fail?

  • Lack of Focus

When you go on the internet, the weapons of mass destruction are everywhere. You make time to start your podcast, but you get distracted by opening your email, the nice forum link about the super case study where the guru has made $6945 per day, about the gorgeous video on the South Sea Islands. When you look again, time is up, and what have you done, not a single stitch of constructive work that brings in the money.

You need to F.O.C.U.S. the abbreviation for follow one course until success. If you are serious in getting your podcast on the air, you have to focus on what you are doing, get a business plan drawn up, and do not let the shiny objects blind your vision. Follow your plan without getting sidetracked.

Set the old kitchen clock for thirty minutes. Plan your podcast and what you are going to say. Record it. Your thirty minutes have been well spent, you have a podcast to show at the end of the day.

  • Parkinson’s Law

Say you want to launch a digital audio file but there is no urgency when you want to launch it, time will just pass without any podcast in the pipeline. Change your plans by taking the trusted old kitchen clock and put an hour aside for your digital audio file. You work for twenty-five minutes and take a five-minute break and you work for another twenty-five minutes and proceed with this method for a week. Suddenly you have a series of digital audio files you can start launching. Ignore the powers of mass distraction, do not panic, those powers will always be just a click away.

  • Lack of a True Small Niche Market

You dream about raving fans and many of them. One way you will not have any fans is if you have a broad topic. Nobody will take notice of your podcast. The answer is to niche down, niche down again and niche down a third time. You will start engaging with your fans who will turn into raving fans. Dominate this precious niche. This is really powerful advice and is where your momentum is gaining traction. Those raving fans will become your traction and share your podcasts with their friends. Once you have traction, you can broaden your topic and move out.

The majority of the competition never geared down, they still have a broad niche and no raving fans.

  • Unrealistic expectations

Podcasting is exploding right now, there are a lot of people finding a lot of success.

Take great care. Podcasting is not a sprint to the finishing line, but a marathon run over a longer distance, but the pace is a lot slower. Build your audience slowly, but offer tons of value and look at the long game. The big gurus have lots of followers, but they also started at the point where you are now. They also had only seven downloads the first day from which most of the downloads were from themselves. On week two there were only twenty downloads, it is a slow and steady growth in which you need to build your audiences slowly.

It is a lot of diligent and persistent work to produce a digital audio file every day, so set realistic expectations. Maybe you can only produce a podcast once a week or even once a month. Consistency is the big secret and not to miss out on the scheduled time for the digital audio file.

  • Unwillingness to invest

You do not invest only money in your podcast project. Time, energy and willingness to invest in yourself are as important as to invest money in the project. Mentors, Masterminds and courses are all tools you can invest in to save a tremendous amount of time and fast forward your success, but it costs money.

  • Anxiety Syndrome

Anxiety syndrome affects all humans negatively, this resembles our doubts and fears, however, your competition is also affected by doubts and fears, consequently, it allows you to embrace it, so move forward and become the master of your changing uncertainty to certainty.

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