The Mechanics Of Preselling

There are no formal statistics available yet, but most people engaged in online selling business knew that more than 90% of all websites fail. They all fail because they forgot one important ingredient in selling – and that is, preselling.


When visitors arrive at your site, it is like a complete stranger to them. Preselling is how you make your visitors like you and not be a stranger.

Preselling is establishing yourself as an expert in the eyes of your visitors. Preselling is why they think you are their friend, not a salesperson. Ultimately, preselling will enable you to sell successfully.

Preselling is everything you do to create an open-to-buy mindset in the minds of your visitors. These are the things that happen before your visitors are even aware they are going to buy something.

Open-to-buy mindset

The open-to-buy mindset is when a person is willing to consider something from you. This need not be a product or a service, but simply something.

This is the time when their guards are down, the time when they have started to trust you because of your obvious expertise.

Visitor’s needs

Contrary to what comes to mind right away when questioned, most people do not look for products or services on the Internet. They look for information.

They may need information on managing their time, not a time management software. They might need information on how to file a divorce, not a divorce attorney. They might need ideas on their next dinner party, not your e-book.

Visitor’s wants

If your visitors are on a site that is about time management, it could be they are interested in managing their time. If they visit divorce sites, they might be thinking of a divorce, or know someone who is.

Give your visitors what they want. Warm them up first. This is done by giving them what they need before asking anything.

If they think you are an expert on something that interests them, they shall be more open to you and your suggestions. If that happens, you already have basically done your pre-selling.


This is the time you can recommend them your products or services (or those you are an affiliate of). You have to be sure, though, to tie in the products and services to the needs of your visitors.

Make sure it solves their problems or all your hard work will be wasted. They will not buy anything they do not need.


This is the time when you would sound like a friend aside from being an expert. Assume the appearance that goes well with the subject you are discussing.

Make your visitors comfortable. Again, the tone of the voice should be friendly and reassuring. Be honest with them, because your sincerity will show in your words and how you say them, even if it is only in print.

Great products

One last note: Be sure you recommend only great products and services. Never recommend anything you have no faith in, you have not tried, or worse, those you do not know for sure.

Preselling is not just about techniques in knowing when to soften your customer’s resistance before selling to them. It is also about sincerity.

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