The Hot Spots & Places to Look For Give Aways to Join

The Hot Spots & Places to Look For Give Aways to Join

Here’s the general rule of thumb: you need to be in the “insider” circle to know when the next Give Away Event is in the pipeline. In other words, you have to be in the know and develop a relationship with other marketers who probably would get the news first. If possible, be in that desirable position.

Mind you, NOT everyone can join a Give Away event. As said many a times throughout this guide, not all events are created equal.

So the real secret to jumping in on the next hard-hitting event is to really have close contacts with would-be hosts of the coming Give Away events.

Here are also some more viable ways you can use to find out when the next Give Away event is:

Subscribe to Other People’s E-zines

This is generally applicable in the Internet Marketing niche itself. Now and then, some marketers announce an upcoming Give Away event and are looking to recruit new partners.

Often the case, you will be joining a Massive Give Away event. However, as long as there’s a chance to build your list at zero cost, why pass it up?

You should subscribe to marketers whom you know are real Give Away event junkies (and are in the know). I know of one at Richard Wing is one of the few marketers I know who built his list at a very fast pace (he jumped from a few hundred subscribers to almost 6,000+ subscribers in the space of a couple of months), just through Give Away events!

I would definitely recommend him and his newsletter, for he’s usually in the know in this field.

Join a Give Away Event in Action!

If you detect any Give Away events that are already in progress and it’s still not too late for you to join in, you can still try your luck at coming in by emailing or contacting the host of the event.

Even if you can’t make it on the current one, you will do well to ask him or her to include you in the next launch or so.

Participate in Forums

Some popular marketing forums like and have discussions on Give Away events every now and then. While you don’t have to really participate, you can lurk in every now and then to check out the latest Give Away event in the pipeline.


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