The 3 Major Preselling Ingredients

In a nutshell, preselling is “the art of leading a website visitor… to a merchant site or product sales page.” Added to this, of course, would be that to lead the visitors to where you intend them is the real art.

Since the early days of affiliate marketing, the industry had taken tremendous leaps to what it is today. Anyone now who wants to start an online business should build a strong foundation with preselling.

Doing it right

Doing preselling is actually taking the offensive approach in affiliate marketing. This means actively seeking high-quality preselling web content.

A defensive approach would be one where you would put up a page that begs the reader to buy from you, whichever way it is couched in sales jargon and all that.

Fact to consider: Benefits, features, testimonials are all good to have on a sales page. It is always a mortal sin to spread them on a “first contact” page when you are hardly known yet by your readers.

Effective preselling

One of the first considerations of effective preselling is NO SELLING. Your page should have no ad words, no expensive advertising campaigns, no SEO tricks.

What it should contain, however, is good, honest content related or pertaining to whatever is your area of competence. Effective preselling has three major ingredients: relationship, content, and sincerity. You must have these in place within your web content.

Building relationships

Preselling content needs to build relationships. As one expert says, “In the real world, business people build relationships with …the customer.” Preselling is the online version of relationship-building.

Through the words you wrote on the content of your site, you are building relationship with your visitors. This is one proven way of getting very high conversion rates (the number of people who buy).

Anyone can do it. All that is needed is writing your content with personality. People love other people because of their personality first. All other qualities come in after.

Unique content

Your site or blog must have a unique content, and not just like any other cookie cutter look, feel, and content. Content, especially.

People are already jaded with sites that have the same old information, E-zines that republish articles, websites that redo what’s already been done.

What catches attention (loyalty and profits) are those sites that have their own voices, with fresh ideas, and original. People look for information.

Again, anyone can do it. Simply look for the things people want to know. Get them from magazines, newspapers, forums, message boards, get it from all over.


One of the complaints in using contents from search engines is the simple fact that most web sites are peddling fakes. So many pages of content from commercial software are garbage in so many ways.

Honest and real web content can take time to write, but the rewards are more than worth it. People would know they are real, honest, funny, and personal.

People would know you can tell them a thing or two, help ease up on a problem, and figure out how to do something or so. When you recommend something, people almost always follow.

Preselling is the sort of art that will help you (and your merchants) do the real selling. It is an art anyone can do.

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