Tell A Friend Viral Marketing

Tell A Friend Viral Marketing

One of the easiest forms of viral marketing is by telling a friend.

You see, telling a friend will work under three conditions:

  • The sender has something to benefit from it

  • The receiver has something to benefit from it

  • The method of sending the product is EASY TO FACILITATE!

With Tell A Friend Script, you are able to get at least three new impressions should the subscriber decide to tell a friend in exchange for a gift.

Does it meet the three requirements above? Let’s see how it works…

 This is one example of using Tell A Friend Script.

 When someone opts in to the form, they are redirected to this WAIT page and they are  given the option to refer a minimum of 3 friends (more is offered).

 So as you can see, condition no.1 is met – should they successfully refer three friends,  the sender is given a gift!

 Condition 2 is also met because most probably, those that the sender referred will get  gifts as well.

 Condition 3 is also met because Tell A Friend Script automates the tell-a-friend  process automatically for you without spamming anyone.

 When all three conditions are met, the campaign becomes viral – mission  accomplished!

Some people say this script doesn’t work as well as it use to but remember, no one is really using it now so it might be refreshing IF your offer is a grand one!   Tell A Friend Scripts can be found by a google search!

More on next post.. until then.. later…

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