Solo Ads – Outmoded or Back in Style?

Now we’re going to go over solo ads:

For years, Internet marketers have asserted that solo ads are simply outmoded – they’re a dinosaur that no longer has the potential to reap any profits; however, another group of Internet marketers knows that the exact opposite is the truth: solo ads can reap massive profits, but in order to do so, they must be engineered perfectly, as must the selection of the solo ad distributor.

A solo ad can be a number of things. Usually, it is a large ad between 200 and 300 words that is placed at the very center of a page. The rate on solo ads is higher than on all other potential options, but it also captures readers’ attention the most by far. If you have the money to spend on a solo ad, it can be an excellent investment.

However, as with all investments (and advertisements for that matter), you must conduct your due diligence. This involves a considerable amount of research.

Now, when conducting research for a solo ad, there are two things you will want to look at:

  1. The first is a list of your potential advertising outlets (in this case, probably e-zines); and

  2. A list of potential approaches you can take on your solo ad.

Let’s start with the first part – finding a list of e-zines in which you can put a solo ad. I personally suggest starting with Directory of E-zines, which you can find at the following URL:

This is the ultimate resource for advertisers who want access to all e-zines and also want tips for advertising in them. If you don’t have any money to spend, I would suggest starting here instead:

Once you have selected reputable e-zines to advertise in, you will then want to begin creating your solo ad. There are a number of writing “formulas” you can use to do this; however, you will always want to keep in mind what it is that your potential customer wants most.

In advertising, it is often easy to project our own wants in a given product onto potential buyers; however, it is important – when communicating with them – that you talk about their wants, not yours.

Now, when it comes to creating solo ads, I personally suggest that you spend some time at the following URL, learning about what it takes to convert readers into buyers:

Furthermore, I suggest that you go beyond simply writing copy and write as you would in the specific medium. For instance, if your solo ad will be featured in an e-zine, then you will want to write as if you are contacting members of a mailing list about a special offer or something similar. You may even want to refer to the owner of the list by his/her first name if (s)he allows that.

Keep all of these skills in mind when conducting solo ad campaigns. All you have to do is select the right advertising mediums and create an excellent ad – and your effort will pay off three fold.

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