Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to Show Me The Plan – Part 2! Although these posts are the second part of a 2 part series, the content here is designed to be stand-alone and each set of posts are written with lessons applicable for every aspect in network marketing.

Let me just give you a few facts to ponder about:

Average network marketing companies today spend roughly a few hundred to a thousand dollars on Compensation or Marketing Plan Training in just hall/training room rental, speaker salaries and question and answer sessions! And to think that most people assume that plans are all about numbers only.

If you plan to recruit professional networkers (people who do network marketing for a living), and you hope to bring over their entire organization of maybe 50 – 2,000 people, your chances of sponsoring them is close to zero unless you are an influential leader yourself AND you know your company’s marketing plan even better than the
company themselves!

These facts are definitely worth pondering. If I am running my own network marketing company, imagine how much money I would save.

On the other hand, if I were building a network, I wouldn’t want to lose my people to networkers in other companies because of lack of training! If I am not careful, I would lose up to tens of thousands of dollars!

In this book, we are taking a more in depth look at plan mechanics as well as practical steps to boost your career. Learn the tips and tricks how to:

Avoid the various pitfalls of typical plans and how to use them to your advantage

Stay in control in spite of quotas and use them to drive your team to success

How to use products and create a cash flow generating machine

Work with the right people and the right plan to become a networking juggernaut

Learn other nifty secrets your upline might be too busy to teach you .

In the words of THE MATRIX:

Those of you, who are ready to take the red pill in network marketing to get to the truth
behind the confusion,
get ready to find out how far down the rabbit hole goes.

NOTE: Just like the first part, the applications of each set of posts will once again be split into 3 sections: Downline Building Strategies, Product Synergy, and Starting Your Own Network Marketing Company.

Next post:  Pros and Cons of Accumulation

Until then, see ya later…

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