Should Lead Generation Campaigns Align With Larger Events?

Many of the events that may result in sales of the product are clubbed under a single term ‘Lead Generation’. This involves inculcating interests in the customers about the product and making contacts that may lead to increased demand of the product and henceforth increase the overall volume sold.

Marketing strategies are mostly devised around this term only. Offering tempting discounts and other offers is one of the most prevalent lead generation methods. It also involves citing the product specifics by relaying the info to various online platforms like the social media and blogs. This increases the reach of the product to expanded arenas.

There is a belief in the marketing circles that if the lead generation campaigns are coupled with any larger event then it may bring in better returns as the fervor of the event increases the tendency of the consumer to buy some extra stuff and if the product in question is offered at that time at lowered prices then it would be an added incentive that will propel the buyer towards buying that item.

This belief is not wrongly placed as it has been duly observed that the average expenditure of a household increases in folds during events like festivals and holidays.

This amalgamation of the campaign with the event looks tempting to the marketers, but it also has some other factors that can’t be undermined. While the prospects of sale are high, there are some other observations that are reached through careful analysis of the situation.

Here are some of the cautioning notes that need to be considered before going in for a big sale on an occasion.

Consumers can be better marketers than the firm

It has been seen that many of the consumers have better ground level understanding of the marketing strategies being employed than the professionals making those strategies. This allows them to not only see the dissected view of the strategy but also allows them to discern the underlying idea behind the campaign. These are the toughest of the consumers and are often skeptical about going into the big occasion give outs.

Not everyone is there to buy

Visit ebooks4prosperity.comThere are a large number of consumers who do not bother themselves by sitting back and waiting for the best of the offers. Moreover, they do not care about the lucrative discounts and offers being floated during the campaign. Due to this their shopping trends do not soar or dip based on the offers making the whole idea of campaign obsolete.

Huge pressure on the resources

Planning and promoting a grand sale is in itself a huge task, and when it is on an occasion, then it means that you have to shell more to the workers to make them work on a holiday. It also increases the marketing budget incredibly as the marketing team has to work overtime to make the ends meet as they have too much stuff to plan and execute. So it is wise to float a sale only if one is willing to handle such pressure with the limited resources.

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