Self Sufficient System That Builds Itself

To introduce the top methods of list building that will work alongside your other resources to create the business that you desire.

To introduce the five main resources that are going to make you a whole bundle of money and to show you how list building ties into all of them creating a self sufficient system that builds itself without any input from you.

To demonstrate that what you can achieve simply by the words that come out of your mouth far surpasses any list building service that you can pay for.

To get over the first and hardest hurdle any online marketer will tell you they came across, and that’s getting started.

To show you that just five hundred people on your list can in fact without too much hassle outperform a purchased list of any kind more than ten times it’s size over and over again.

To introduce several ways in which you should be building your list at all times.

To show that to get the initial list off the ground will take effort on your part, but once it’s off the ground and profitable for you, sales will flow, and in turn, the size of your list will snowball.

List-Building Methods

This is easily one of the more important sections of the guide, as much as I hate to say one section is more important than the next. On talking to the people on my list and my associates, when I asked them what the hardest thing was to do for them relating to online marketing when they first got started, it was to build a list.

I reckon the reason behind this is that list building is drummed into us as one of the biggest aspects of online marketing, which is true. Your list will form the basis of your marketing ventures from now and into the future. Unfortunately, while there is a good side to this for the people that get it right, for those that get it wrong (which I should note I also did when I first started out) it can become quite an expensive affair.

Quality over Quantity

The reason is that there are so many list building services on offer out there. If you head on over to a search engine, and do a search for list building methods, you’ll be attacked by all sorts of products and services, most of them I hate to say it, don’t work. The old have a 100k mailing list by the end of the week type of service, which some of us fell for in our early years for example. What you’ll find however, is that buying leads and all that fluff aren’t so important. You know why? I can tell you that with a mere five thousand people on your list, if you follow this guide here, and take it slow and steady, you’ll find that you out do most of the 20k lists out there, because your list is of better quality. We don’t want a huge list of fifty thousand freebie-seekers, or fifty thousand people that are there and are untargeted, or people that have even been paid or bribed in some way by a lead generation company or some such business to join your list. All you’ll find yourself doing is sending mails out to thousands upon thousands of people that never respond to you, at a great cost to you and your pocket, but to the gains of whoever you paid for these leads.

I should say at this point that there are people out there who do make their living through unsolicited email, numbers over quantity. They pick up servers in other countries that don’t have anti spam laws, or are not restrictive in any way, and send out millions upon millions of mails, and sure they make money. In my eyes however, this is not online marketing. It’s not ethical, it doesn’t build a solid business base for your future, and it gives those of us with legitimate lists a bad name. It just makes our lives harder than they need to be. If this is the kind of info you’re looking for, you won’t find it here. We’re looking at real business.

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