Sample Marketing Survey

Sample Marketing Survey


Here is an example of a marketing survey using simple questions and multiple choice answers:




Age Range: ___Under 18 ___18-25 ___26-35 ___36-45 ___46-64 ___65+

Gender (optional):* ___M ___F *Note: Always make gender selection optional. Most people will fill in the answer anyway if you don’t ask for a name.

Location (State, or country if outside U.S.): ___________________________

How often do you purchase products online? ___Frequently ___Sometimes ___Rarely ___Never

How often do you purchase products relating to [TOPIC]? ___Frequently ___Sometimes ___Rarely ___Never

Do you currently own any products relating to [TOPIC]? ___Yes ___No

Would you be interested in [brief description of your product]? ___Yes ___No

If yes, how much would you pay for [PRODUCT]? (Set ranges around your desired price)

Would you purchase [PRODUCT] if it was on sale? ___Yes ___No

Where would you be most likely to purchase [PRODUCT] from? ___Independent web site ___Amazon ___e-Bay ___Physical location ___Other

Is there anything else you think we should know?__________________________

Would you like to join our list for announcement, product updates and helpful information? ___Yes ___No

Thank you for participating in our survey! [Reply or click here] to claim your free gift!

Seriously look over and study the above survey.  It’s simple but packs a lot of power for finding out what your costomers/subscribers/audience is looking for!  COPY PASTE AND SAVE THIS TEMPLATE.  Most of all utilize it…

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