RSS Feeds and Optimizing

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are the initials used for Really Simple Syndication brought to us by way of an XML format. This format was created exclusively for news syndication and is used to share real time news as it happens to interested parties across the net. What it really does is send out headlines of the latest news from various websites and blogs to one location known as the RSS directory.

The directory then sends out the information directly to subscribers of that blog or website along with sending it out to all news related websites. What this does for readers is allow them to have real time news as it occurs sent to their various RSS readers including cell phones.

If you are placing an RSS feed on your website for search engine optimization purposes, then you will more than likely want to use a feed burner. Webmasters use feeds on their website to help with SEO as the feeds when using the proper keywords can help a website rank higher in the search engines as well as bring more targeted traffic.

To optimize the RSS on your website you should completely publish the RSS feed and advertise your feed such as by submitting to RSS directories. Other important factors with optimization include properly titling and describing your feed, add your feed to your email signature, use your feed when posting to other websites that are pertinent to your keywords, and send out your feed link to email subscribers.

When you add your feed to your website, you can not only ensure your latest news is in the feed but other websites that offer information on the same subject. If you are trying to promote your products or services locally, you can choose news websites locally to add to your feed. This way those looking for local news will find the RSS feed on your website along with finding your local business. The same goes for selling products or services regionally, nationally, or globally. Just use keywords that are close to your products or services and only subscribe to those that are similar or would be of interest to your visitors.

Example: If you have a product for cats such as cat trees, you would want to subscribe to not only feeds involved with cats, but also pets, pet products, and even pet food. This way the pet owners will find your website when searching for cat food and possibly purchase a cat tree.

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