Push-up: Taking the Short Cut

Push-up: Taking the Short Cut

Push up is a feature in some network marketing plans where a downline achieves a position higher than his upline and all his upline immediately gets ‘promoted’ to the same rank as that downline. Allow me to illustrate:

A  ‘Pushed Up’ to 15%

B ‘Pushed Up’ to 15%

C ‘Pushed Up’ to 15%

D Works Hard to

Reach 15%

This diagram shows that as long as the person at the bottom reaches the rank, all his uplines gain the BENEFIT of being in a higher rank (but not the commission from the SALE). Certain push-up systems may differ. This diagram illustrates what is known as Single-Line Push-Up. Other forms of push ups may have other conditions.

Downline Building Strategies

Although push up may offer benefits for the upline, I personally feel that this form actually develops weakness rather than encourage people to look for downlines. Network marketing is a copycat business where the downline will copy what the upline is doing. If the upline is ‘waiting’ for someone to push him up, the downline who joins will want to do the same and you will have a huge organization of people waiting for each other to produce the volume. Lead by example.

Product Synergy

In relation to the above, ultimately products must move in order to generate commissions. Having a higher rank through push up but no personal sales volume only looks good in the eyes of others (ranking wise) but deep down in your heart you know that you are not making money. If you do benefit from push up, focus rather on creating volume for yourself in that month because it costs less to buy products you can sell later due to the higher commission payout you are getting.

Starting your Own Company

A good plan to develop with a push-up system is one that rewards leadership and development of downline rather than having people wait for each other to create volume. A typical marketing plan today usually pays residual income to distributors who have successfully developed two strong legs rather than one. Don’t design push up systems which reward too much for finding downlines that either buy in to the position (hence letting the upline benefit without doing anything) or letting the downline do all the work while the upline gains without doing anything. Set the rank limit at something

Had problems with the chart, so I do apologize, will try to get it cleared up!  But, read all this as it tells you a lot of important information!

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