Profit Funnels: Mid Ticket Product Ideas

Mid Ticket Product Ideas

Having established yourself with some of your low ticket offerings, you will want to investigate the potential for up-selling your client by creating interest in your mid ticket products and services.

For the purposes of the discussion, you may want to think of mid ticket items as being priced in the $37.00 to $67.00 range per unit.

There are plenty of methods you can use to promote your mid ticket offerings. Here are some examples of methods that have proven track records of generating interest among existing clientele as well as garnering some attention from new customers as well.


It seems that no matter what the type of product or service that is offered, an electronic book will be an ideal way to generate interest. Why? There are actually several levels on which an E-book attracts us. Here are three examples:

  • In spite of the hype, most of us do like to read. We will read everything from sonnets to the backs of cereal boxes.

  • E-books are easily stored. We can download them onto our hard drives and read them any time we like.

  • E-books are often free or available at a fraction of the cost of a hard copy book.

When using an E-book to promote your product line, you will most likely have it available as a free download.

Providing a few online excerpts from the book as “hooks” will entice people to take the few moments needed to download the book and will also increase the chances they will actually read it after downloading.

You may want to also give them the chance to read a few pages before they perform a download, assuming you have the bandwidth required for this sort of activity.

Another potential way to keep the relationship going is to have a sign-up page where basic contact information is collected before the download commences.

This will give you the chance to follow up on everyone that downloaded the book and perhaps close a sale very quickly, due to the obvious fact of your diligence.

Paid Membership Sites

When you run a paid membership site, one of the things you must do in order to maintain and grow your client base is provide something that makes people feel like that monthly membership fee they pay is worth the cost.

As an example, you may include a short weekly or monthly newsletter as one of the perks of being a member of the site. Don’t fill it with mindless fluff that circulates around the Internet constantly.

Make the information relevant to your customers, to your product line and most of all worth the time to read about. Use it to talk about upcoming enhancements to favorite products, do a spotlight on one of your customers and the work he or she does.

Along with the newsletter, make sure there is access to online pages that capture the attention of your customers. Perhaps you can arrange for them to download a coupon they can use locally as part of a promotion campaign.

You may supply a message board where clients can talk about how they employ the goods or services you sell. The point is to make the membership perks something that people will want to engage in often enough that they want to maintain access to those perks.

Software / Scripts

Software that fills a need with your customers can be a great thing. Depending on where you draw your majority of clients from, this can be just about anything from software that helps to catalog plants to software that helps to design a home accounting systems, to software that can be used to track sales efforts.

In short, you identify and anticipate needs within your client base and then come up with the software that will meet those needs.

Now, do you develop proprietary software or do you partner with someone and act as an agent for that partner? It all depends. If you can entering into an agreement that allows you to make a decent profit from the sale of the software and still offer it to your clientele at a price that is better than what they can get it for themselves, the answer is yes.

If you can barely get a better deal than standard retail, forget it and try to develop your own software products. If the profit is not there for you, and the savings is not there for your clients, then the project is of no value to either of you.

Keep in mind the software can cover just about any subject you want. For development ideas, why not query your current clients?

Ask them what type of software they would like to see, and what types of bells and whistles would be attractive to them. You may be surprised at how easily you can fulfill those wishes.

Audio/Video Sessions

Once upon a time, companies trained new people at large gatherings. These days, new employees attend audio and web conferences via the Internet, saving time and money to all concerned.

Audio and video sessions have applications in all sorts of ways. Did you know that there are churches that conduct Sunday School classes with audio and video links, so that members who are unable to get to the actual church can attend and participate?

One a denominational level, there is a denomination headquartered in the Mid West that broadcasts both worship and business sessions of its bi-annual denominational conference to members all over the world, via live feed and data streaming.

Audio/video sessions using the Internet can revolve around all sorts of subjects, from how to fix a flat tire to detailed sessions on fixing broken relationships. They can include travelogues to exotic and distant places, helpful guidelines in dealing

with a legal matter, and even something as simple as preparing a meal in twenty minutes or less.

Persons are often willing to pay on a per access basis or even a monthly subscription to have access to these types of sessions.

Selling this sort of service is not hard at all, once you identify the sectors of the population you wish to go after. Then it is a matter of securing the types of audio/video sessions that will click with your customers and making it easy for them to connect with the sessions.

Again, you may find it cost effective to partner with someone else, or it may be in the best interests of yourself and your customers to develop the sessions in house. You can evaluate your resources and make a sound decision on which way to go.

Mid ticket items are a great way to grab both a larger chunk of per unit profit, as well as create reliable revenue streams that you can depend on from month to month. Get some input from your existing customers and develop a nice suite of mid ticket offerings. You will be glad you did.

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