Private Label Viral Marketing

Private Label Viral Marketing

Everyone knows that PLR is one of the best rights someone can have for an E-book, because it allows you to do whatever you want with it (well, almost).

However, even PLR has certain restrictions such as non-transferable rights or bundling rights (just like certain resell rights).

But one of the advantages of NO RESTRICTION private label rights is the fact that you can SELL the private label rights of the book – hence you let the book go viral almost immediately!

Certain PLR resellers even include a SALES LETTER for the resellers to easily edit the contents of the sales letter.

Do you know what this means?

Reseller after reseller selling the best rights to the book all across the Internet!

This is the best way to get your affiliate links or promotions all over the Internet very quickly!

But then, what happens if the resellers EDIT the contents of the book, you may ask? Wouldn’t that reduce the effectiveness of the viral effect?

Well, the solution to that is very simple… human beings are LAZY by nature. They will just cut and paste the sales letter and sell the products AS IT IS.

Because it is too much work for them to redo the content, they will all sell the products most likely in the ORIGINAL FORM.

This often sells faster than master resell rights and if you embed your affiliate links or promotions carefully, it will give resellers a LOT of resistance when they try and edit your book!

Look for resellers who sell NO RESTRICTION PLR books and contribute to their package if you want to achieve the ultimate viral effect!

See ya next post.. later…

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