Proper Use Of Preselling Affiliate Products

One of the best and the most successful affiliate marketing strategy is preselling affiliate products. Understanding how to do it – and doing it right – is another proven affiliate marketing strategy that wins.

Changing old tactics

The one sticky problem many affiliate marketers meets is getting traffic to their websites. One strategy that might work is NOT to send traffic directly to your affiliate website. (You will do what thousands of others are already doing.)

Truth in advertising

The better plan is to create a pre-sell web page. In the site, you can start a discussion on the pros and cons of your represented product.

The only way to do it is through good, old-fashioned truth in advertising stratagem – buy the product itself and do your own honest review. (Most people do not buy their own products and usually would not make a separate page to talk about it.)


Most affiliate sales pages are well-written, all designed to help get the sale. However, they sometimes turn their content into a hard-sell.

One effective approach is to talk about the product’s features. Afterwards, you can hammer in how the visitors can benefit directly. People may be interested in features, but they make a decision to buy based on benefits.

One added bonus is you get additional search engine traffic. This does not happen if you send your visitors directly to your affiliate sales page.


With your preselling page, you can do different things altogether. You can customize it any which way you want. You cannot do it with an affiliate page simply because you are not directly hosting it.

You can get your visitors to interact with you in so many ways if you customize your page. Today, some of the best ways of doing it includes video, audio, blogging comments and many other things.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are important to include in your preselling, and it should go into your presell page. Every web page you create must have a sign-up form incorporated.

If you decide to have your blog have presell pages, get RSS subscribers off it. This will improve your presell pages because in blogging your visitors can post comments after your article.

People are smart

As in most things, honesty is still the best policy. When preselling, you may point out yourself the things you yourself do not like about your product.

You will endear yourself to your visitors because they also know that things are not perfect. Negative comments on your presell page need not hurt your sales.

The point is this: it does not pay to oversell your product. If you keep on praising it all the way, the whole article becomes unbelievable.

Personal approach

Another winner is taking a conversational, personal approach. This will erase the idea of selling to your prospects. You can have the affiliate page do the selling, but be warm yourself.

Another key point is to focus on this page and not have links to other products or programs. Link only to your affiliate sales page. You can do it in several places in the article.

These are just of the few ideas on preselling affiliate products. Following them will increase your affiliate sales.

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