Preselling To Lift Your Affiliate Sales

One of the best ways to have visitors view your affiliate site is to have a content-rich website. And once they view your work, you had better be prepared to have your preselling techniques ready to turn those views into something profitable for you and the vendor site.

As an affiliate site, your biggest job is to make your viewers get themselves ready to be redirected to your vendor’s site. Once there, your visitors should then be ready to purchase whatever it was they were seeking in your site in the first place.


This would mean you will need to create an enticing and functional bridge between your content and the sales page (if you are also the vendor). Previous marketers made the costly mistake of assuming that their targeted traffic will simply “follow the bread crumbs.”

That means you’ll need to build the most enticing and functional “bridge” between your preselling content page and the sales page.

Purchase mode

You’ll need to give people enough reason to click on the links or ads that will take them right to the “money page”. Once they are directed to the sales page, they would go on automatic mode and purchase what the marketer wants.

The old belief was that visitors looking for information on “widgets”, gets redirected and landed on a “widget”-related site will automatically be carried away by several on-page ads and purchase away what he needed.

Motivational aids

To some extent, the old adage does come true. It happens sometimes that visitors come over to the sales page and buys what they want.

Most of the time, the opposite is true. This is where preselling is needed at the preselling page and not on the sales page (or site).


On top of the list on having an excellent web site is top-notch content. Content takes on many forms.

You can tweak your site with meaty content packages like information, human-interest stories, testimonials from customers and experts, case studies and many others. These content materials have to be related to whatever is your site is marketing.

Each one of these content packages can pack a wallop to perk up your site and invite more visitors.


One requirement for these stories is that they should be personalized and filled with some emotions. (They cannot sound like scientific reports to lull anybody to sleep.) The reason for the requirement is for the site to relate to its visitors.

Some of today’s preselling sites have added the innovation of supplying free information related to its merchandise. This, again, is a very tangible and generous help from the site.

Soft sell

Some preselling sites have their informative content structured in such a way that gently steers the visitors toward making a purchase at their sales site.

The information given is not mere recitation of facts, or cold narrations of stories. The site serves further by explaining why a certain purchase or type of product could be a solution to the visitor’s problems.

When you think your affiliate site is slowing down or the visitor’s list is dwindling, review your preselling techniques and tweak some of them to present a fresh new outlook again.

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