Preselling Tip: Add Video to your Website

If you aim to boost your Website’s preselling capability, you should aim to increase its traffic volume. To do so, it would help if you would add videos to your online site. The most popular, lucrative and effective Web pages these days are almost all featuring video clips. This is not surprising as it is just logical that no other strategy could be as powerful as inclusion of videos in conveying interesting visuals, more information and persuasive techniques to Internet users and readers.

An online study conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project found that majority of adult Internet users are into watching online videos. Interestingly, most of those users tend to spread the word to their colleagues, friends and relatives. Thus, Websites with video features tend to increase popularity as time goes by. Experts assert that the number of young adults and teenagers checking out sites with videos tend to be higher as younger people are more dynamic and are more into visuals.

The emergence of broadband and fast-Internet connections are significantly contributing to the trend of further popularizing Websites with videos. Fast download and upload speeds facilitate easier, more convenient and more satisfying access to any Website. While it is true that online sites with video features utilize greater Web page space and file sizes, making the venues longer to open and download into screens, many such Websites further gain popularity with faster connection speed. The use of broadband Internet helps accelerate download speeds of video pages.

Bring your Website to life with video. Interesting, colorful and attention-catching videos could help capture interest of online readers. Your site could be able to show the readers what you intend to show them. Including videos into your site could definitely help develop and build a very strong emotional and behavioral connection with readers, consumers and potential business clients. A good site with videos could be able to engage readers’ senses through the use of good, clear and interesting videos.

Pictures are effective in communicating ideas. Videos are absolutely better and more effective than pictures. Thus, including and featuring lively and appropriate videos into your Website could really bolster the effectiveness and popularity of your site. You could more effectively convey ideas and persuade prospective clients to buy or subscribe to your products or services. Indeed, adding videos to your site could be a worthwhile and practical strategy to boost volume and help your site achieve its purpose (which could be to presell). Additionally, online audiences like to actively exploit online videos’ participatory features, like posting feedback, rating content and video uploading.

Many Websites finally decide to post full-motion videos due to obvious and reasonable benefits. First, videos featured in sites could help create a strong desire for products and services, which would naturally stand out. Second, videos create desire among online readers. Consumers and potential clients of businesses and sites are more likely to be drawn more by Websites with interesting video features. Lastly, videos help communicate and convey selling points in a more effective manner. These elements are very important in any online preselling initiative.

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