Preselling through Interactive Marketing

The landscape of Internet is constantly changing. Everyday, there are millions of online users surfing the World Wide Web, watching videos, shopping and doing research. Thus, there are now more Websites that are competing against each other to attract attention and get patronage of consumers. It is just logical that marketers and Website owners seek ways to make traffic and conversion rates higher. If you are into online preselling, how could you go on?

Interactive marketing is today’s most important marketing concept. That is because many consumers log online to shop and buy products and services. Thus, through employing interactive marketing techniques, sales could be boosted. Online marketing and advertising is truly the way to preselling. Nowadays, there are many strategies and technologies for more effective online advertising and marketing. Here are brief descriptions of some of the most popular and effective interactive marketing tools you could use for online preselling.

Floating videos

Floating advertisements appear usually when you first go to Web pages of several sites. They are called floating ads because they create an optical illusion as if they are flying or floating over the screen. They cover most of the Webpage for about 5 seconds to 30 seconds, enough time for you to take notice and read the content of such ads. Users are forced to let the ad pass because usually the mouse and keyboard functions are blocked when there is a floating ad on screen. This is creative preselling.

Though floating ads are effective online advertisement schemes, many consumers and online users are usually annoyed by them. First, the ads obscure the view of the Webpage. Readers may not be patient enough to wait for 5 seconds to 30 seconds for the ads to clear. Most of the time, such impatient readers abandon the page. Many people are also alarmed by the blocked functions of the mouse, although the blockage also ceases upon clearing of the advertisement.

Rich media

Rich media describes a wide range of modern and digital interactive media. It could be easily downloaded as it could be embedded directly into a Web page. Rich media content could be opened, accessed and saved through multimedia players like Microsoft Media Player, Apple Inc’s QuickTime and Real Networks’ RealPlayer. In general, rich media exhibits and features truly facilitate dynamic motion.

You could produce preselling and advertising content and incorporate it into rich media format. Many online marketers attest that such a strategy is almost always effective. This way, your prospective buyers could be more interested and engaged.

Borderless videos

These online video products have many forms like video presentations, video banner ads, video headers, product demonstrations, video ads, FAQs, Webmercials and virtual spokespersons. The most popular and useful borderless videos today are the virtual spokespersons, also called Flash spokespersons, walk on videos and Website spokespersons.

There are many ways on how borderless videos consistently increase online customer action, which is the basic intention of preselling. First, there is positive response or feedback from such users. Then, there would logical increase in the number of page views and click-throughs. Ultimately, most floating videos lead to higher conversion and greater online sales. Thus, there is a higher return on investment that you as the Website owner could really not ignore.

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