Preselling Equals More Sales

One of the more important components of making affiliate marketing work is the affiliate network. This network is where affiliates find advertiser products to promote and earn a commission with each sale. The problem is that most of these sites focus on the sale and ignore preselling.

Creating a site which is a big sales pitch will not work or lead to big sales. The reason? Visitors are naturally resistant to sales pitches no matter how enticing the site is.

By selling, you are actually turning off your visitors from your site. What is needed is to let their guards down first so that they will be susceptible to your sales pitch.


Millions of people everyday goes into the internet looking only for one thing: content.
People want to learn something, or they are looking for some help with a problem or some other answers to some questions they have.

For someone looking for information and being bombarded with sales pitches all over the site is one very unpleasant experience.

Attention and trust

Instead of presenting them with what you want to sell, present them with the information they have been seeking. Doing so will not only gain their attention, you will also gain their trust.

The trust comes in when they understand that you know what you are talking about, and that you answer their questions (giving them knowledge). In turn, because of the trust, your later recommendations are highly-regarded and well-taken.

The presell

This is the principle of pre-selling. As the affiliate, you are the pre-seller, not the seller. The preseller’s job is to give the visitor the needed information which they have craved all along (within their topic of interest).

As soon as the ice is broken, so to speak, your visitor is now in a receptive stage. With a changed mentality, their defensive anti-sales pitch guard is now all down. They are now ready and receptive for the advertiser’s sales page.

Product focus

There are two important factors to remember to effectively pre-sell to your visitors. The first is to carefully craft your site to the theme of your advertiser’s product or services.

If you are an affiliate for an army of health product advertisers, your site needs to focus on health and fitness, proper diet, exercise and other health-associated themes. Make sure your site is interesting and is properly matched.

In your visitor’s shoes

Putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes will make you an impartial critic to your own site. Is your site difficult to navigate? Do all the links work? Are there enough useful and suitable content to make your visitor happy?

If your site passes all tests, it is now ready to recommend advertisers to its visitors. You can be assured that after providing your visitors with the information they sought, they will trust your recommendations.

Preselling works

Do not forget that the job of your website is to provide information – the preselling that we are all talking about. Let the advertisers do their selling on their website because that is their role in the affiliate network.

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