Powerful Preselling Tips

As most successful marketers would declare, affiliate marketing is the first step in the launch of an incredible online business. However, one of the laws of affiliate marketing that cannot be broken is that of preselling.

Preselling is basically conditioning your website visitors to be ready to click to the merchant site and buy their product (and earn you your commission.) Taken together with the other affiliate marketing “laws”, this is the most important.

Defensive mode

When a person opens your site and all he sees inside are hard-sell approaches, that person will get out of your site in less than thirty seconds. How would you react yourself if all you see around in a site are banners and more banners, sales pitches, lighted blinking ads, and an array of links, etc.?

The person was looking for information but suddenly was pressured to buy something.


However, when you presell your visitor, you are cultivating a relationship. When you present him with content that is warm and fuzzy, you will increase the likelihood that he might click your link to make a purchase at the merchant’s site. (Or yours, too.)

The question then is this: How does one presell?

Like talking to a friend

The first tip is this: Write like you are talking to some friend, which means you do not use huge words. You might sound too smart and your friend might feel too dumb.

The main aim is to actually be a friend to your visitor. Share your problems if you have to, and talk how you got out, what you did that helped, and probably some helping products, too…whatever.

Since you are “talking”, you are essentially presenting yourself as you are, your unique persona, and your individuality.

No unbelievable statements

Never begin with unbelievable statements. Big statements and promises are fit for a merchant’s page, not on a relationship-building, preselling page.

If you are writing web content for personal care products, you do not shout in the headlines (in matching big bold types): “AMAZING HERBAL DISCOVERY STOPS SNORING QUICK!”

You might tell some short funny anecdotes about your family of snorers, or something, and ease up to the day you chanced on this anti-snoring herbal concoction. End up relating how it ended your lifelong noisy trouble with your nose and throat.

One topic only

Stick with just one keyword or topic.

With people trying hard to ensure the highest ranking possible, the tendency is to pepper the site with keywords that the whole content sounds like a robot with no personality, except being mechanical and repetitive.

Affiliate recommendations

You may sprinkle some affiliate recommendations on your content, but be careful not to go overboard. Three to five links will do the job and will keep the reader focused on what you want them to do.

If you have too many options for an answer, chances are, you will not get any.

Who reads this?

Write your content as if you are the person reading it. Then, you can answer the following questions: (1) Did you answer a question people are asking? (2) Are you writing on their level? (3) Is it relevant to people’s needs?

Last words

Preselling is the ultimate affiliate marketing tool. It is very important, you can do it, and it is not a secret.

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