Post 23 Business To Business Marketing

In the last post we talked about checking and increasing your
Google page rank. In this post we are going to go over some of
the benefits of business to business marketing.

Business to business marketing has advantages over marketing
to consumers that make marketing even easier. Business to
business companies market their products and services to
businesses rather than consumers in general. Some of the most
successful businesses exclusively supply to other businesses.

This is one of the most lucrative business models possible today,
and it has proven to be especially profitable when the business is
conducted online. If you’re considering going into business
providing products or services, then you’ll want to look into
operating a business to business company.

With online business to business operation and marketing, many
of the expenses of running a traditional business are gone or
greatly reduced. This positively affects all the other aspects of
running the company. Less expense means less time spent
managing the money going out, and more money for important
things like business to business marketing and promotion.

No company will succeed without an advertising and promotion
budget. And as many large, worldwide corporations have shown,
the more money spent advertising, the more people become
familiar with the brand. That breaks down into more customers
and more profit.

A company that does its business chiefly online won’t need the
storefront that a traditional business does. And company that
relies on business to business marketing wouldn’t benefit from a
traditional storefront anyway. Since traditional customers won’t be
coming in and out browsing goods or asking about services, the
need for a traditional shop area is eliminated.

This drops overhead costs dramatically. There’s no huge
warehouse or building to pay heating, cooling and lighting bills on,
and no need for insurance to protect customers.

There’s also no need to pay a staff to man such a store, which
eliminates many of the expenses associated with being an
employer. An online company that chiefly exists through business
to business marketing may still have employees and some
expense, but the lack of a storefront will greatly reduce the costs
associated with managing employees.

Now, money that would have been spent on necessities like
payroll and utilities can be better spent business to business
marketing and increasing the customer base. The expense of
promotion is also lessened with this business model because it’s
so much easier to identify a target market. There’s not as much
need to figure out exactly which consumer to market to as there
would be with most consumer products.

With business to business marketing, what it is that you’re offering
to business automatically identifies your target markets for you. If
you’re selling general business products like paper or office
supplies, then your market is large and wide open, and you’d do
best finding a particular angle to market your products to each
specific industry. But if you choose a product or service that’s very
specialized, your marketing research is simplified a great deal.

The internet is great for b2b marketing because of its word-of-
mouth properties. While many of your customers will find you
thanks to your business to business marketing and promotion,
many more will because of social networking.

Make sure you look for your next post soon. We will be talking
about whether or not you should pay an affiliate to promote your product.

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