Podcasting Information You Should Know

Have you ever heard of podcasting? Is this your first time learning about podcasting? If so, then don’t feel bad. When I first got started out online, I had no idea about podcasting, what it meant, and how to do it. So I dismissed it as a passing internet marketing fad that would go just as quickly as it came. But I was wrong.

Now I first heard about the famous podcasting site “iTunes” about 7 years ago. I didn’t take it seriously because I thought YouTube was the kind of all social media marketing sites, so I didn’t give iTunes a shot. But now I wish I have gotten to it sooner. And if you’re not using it in your business now, you should be doing it right away.

Podcasting is simply the act of recording a video file, and uploading it to the podcast directories. Or, if you want to host the podcast on your own website, you can do that also. There will have to be some technological knowledge involved, but for the most part, you can put it on your site and have it work out successfully for you.

And guess what? Some people feel that podcasting is more effective for their business more than YouTube! It’s true! Hey, I guess it’s different strokes for different folks. It is what it is – but you will want to test this out for your sake just in case you’re not missing out on something that could be amazingly profitable for your business.

The most popular podcasting site on the internet is “iTunes”. I’m sure you’ve probably seen commercials on TV talking about “download ‘it’ from the iTunes store online”, and etc. Well, this is what they’re talking about. It’s very popular. It doesn’t get as much traffic as YouTube, but they still get millions of hits to their website everyday. And you can certainly use this free form of traffic generation to boost your business.

Yes, a lot of people talk about YouTube like it’s the new sliced bread, but in truth, it’s very competitive. It’s something that everyone is doing online, and even other people in your niche are doing it also. Doesn’t matter what niche you’re in… there’s a 98% chance that someone else in your niche is already promoting similar products to your’s on YouTube.

You will want to practice on your speaking skills before you start your podcasting venture. Get familiar with the equipment that you are going to use, and make sure that you master it completely. Test it out versus YouTube decide which one is more beneficial for you in the long run. Just because YouTube gets more traffic than iTunes (podcast directory)… it doesn’t mean that YouTube will automatically get you better results from podcasting.

Look into it, and make sure and see if it’s right for you. It’s something that you will definitely want to use in your business, and it’s something that can add a constant stream of new visitors to your site the more that you use it. So consider using it today because it will be very helpful for you.

Good luck with using podcasting as a marketing strategy in your online business today.

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