Overview of Added Value

Overview of Added Value

● To introduce concepts of adding value before and after the sale of your product, keeping your customers happy, and putting more money in your pocket.

To show you how to start looking around you, and to start seeing what other people are doing with their value adding, especially the successful.

To talk about testimonials and how to take them further to inspire solid confidence in yourself from the customers perspective.

To look closely at standard bonuses, and to avoid some of the pitfalls of other marketers not in know, who destroy their sales by trying to add value incorrectly.

To give you three real life examples of real marketers that have tried to add value, but done so incorrectly in one way or another, and to show you how to avoid devastating your sales by doing the same.

To show that rewarding loyalty goes a long way to increasing sales, and sometimes producing multiple sales from a single product, that means double the profit in your pocket.

To demonstrate how a simple technique will make sure that your customers remember you and your product for a long time to come, leading to further sales down the line, and nice bulge in your pocket.

Adding Value Explained

Welcome to the adding value to your products section. You may remember we talked a little about this earlier in the sales letter writing sections, but we didn’t quite go into the depth that I would have liked, so I saved it for here instead.

In this section we’ll be talking about how to directly influence your sales through the addition of value for your products, ranging from offers, joint venture deals, consultation fees, bonuses and others. You see, it’s all about perceived value, and getting the most out of your product. Again, something we talked about in pricing strategies, was getting the price you think your product deserves and persuading people to buy it by stacking on reasons for them to do so, something once mastered, will push people over the edge again and again, pushing them over the edge by hitting the buy button on your site.

Most importantly of all, there’s a lot of ways of pulling this off, and they’re forever changing, and marketers are coming up with more and more innovative ways to add value to their products. It’s worth watching in fact, next time you find yourself reading through a sales letter or some ad copy, look at how they add value to their offer using things that aren’t directly related to the product itself. Watching how others do things on their sites is one of the most valuable cost free and pretty much effort free way of doing things you have in your arsenal, but it works extremely well. Keep that in mind all the time, not just throughout this section.

Come back here once you have got your product up and running if you’re not working on that right now, because all of these are elements of a sales letter in some way or another, bar two. So lets get started. How about taking it from the top and starting with the most used and widely known and working down to the least widely used, and the new and innovative ideas.

Next post:  Cut Off Dates.  Until then see ya later…


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