Other Factors to Consider

Other Factors to Consider

No matter how good a marketing plan may be, there is one very important thing you must remember before you consider joining a company or starting your own network marketing company.

Plans are dead without a system for recruiting new downlines!

I am not saying the numbers and percentages are not important enough. (In fact small
percentage differences can determine your income for the rest of your life). If you can’t
recruit anyone, NO ONE IS MAKING MONEY no matter how good a plan is

I won’t write about designing a recruiting system now because it would be off topic and saved for another book title, but I would leave you with this thought:

Think of the most famous hamburger franchise in the world. You and I know what it is. We all agree that their burgers may not be the best tasting burgers in the world. But why is it doing more successful compared with Papa’s homemade burgers? Those
homemade burgers probably taste much better.

Simple. Their primary business is not selling hamburgers. It is selling a system for entrepreneurs to MAKE MONEY. It is proven. People rarely lose money there.

If you have a recruitment system that is effective in training new people, moving the products without hard selling, doesn’t require distributors to make 100 phone calls or go door-to-door and helps people generate cash flow and leads, then that company is doing the right thing. 

In the end of the day, you have to make the plan work for yourself and your people. Network Marketing is not an easy business. Don’t leave home without being well equipped about everything in the industry.

Next post: ???  This is the end of “Show Me the Plan”.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Got something you’ll really be interested in tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Until then, see ya later…

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