Network Marketers – Are You Marketing Offline?

Network Marketers – Are You Using Drop Cards? The internet has become so pervasive, that a lot of network marketers have completely abandoned offline marketing methods.

So I have the Internet to thank for the posing of this question to you but, do you use them? In case there are newbies (people new to the network marketing industry) reading this I’m going to explain what a drop card is. You industry veterans hold on for just a minute.

A drop card is an offline marketing method of promoting your business opportunity by placing basically a classified ad on business card stock. Preferably on yellow card stock with black ink. On the card would be a catchy phrase with your lead capture page website and/or phone number on it. They are called drop cards because you simply “drop” them almost anywhere and everywhere there is a lot of foot traffic.

Drop Cards are also known as sizzle cards. The more popular drop/sizzle cards are the ones that look like money. Some of these cards folded in a certain way look just like the real McCoy to the point, people can’t help but to pick them up if they see them lying on the floor, ground, etc.

As a matter of fact once upon a time I thought I had found $100 in the restroom of an Outback Steakhouse Restaurant. And much to my dismay I opened it up only to see it was an advertisement for a weight loss opportunity. People will either pick up a drop card, read it, keep it and respond to it if they are curious or they will put it back where they found it. Very few people will pick these things up and read them and then throw them away.

The money cards are very viral because people will find it and then show others who show others and so on and so on. The viral use of these cards can get your message in front of a lot more people than the boring ones on yellow stock business card with black ink.

So are you using them? And if so, where are you “dropping” them?

Here are a few places:

  • Grocery Stores
  • The Mall
  • Laundry Mats
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting Events
  • Festivals
  • Flea Markets
  • Dry Cleaners

The list could go on and on.

But those venues are just the usual places you can drop sizzle cards. Here are a few more ideas you could try.

  • Going to Barnes & Noble and various other book stores and making your way to the self-improvement section and placing them in the books there.
  • Leaving a card (especially the $100 dollar bill drop card) with a nice tip at your favorite restaurant.
  • Placing $100 dollar cards in the dollar bill feeds of soda/pop machines.
  • Placing $100 dollar cards in the movie vending machines like Red Box.
  • Placing them around the laptop computer display areas in WalMart or Best Buy and other stores. Get creative. These cards do work.

Yes, the Internet is great, but you should also add offline methods to get the word out about your fantastic business that can change people’s lives.  I can say honestly that those dollar cards, although an older idea will still keep the curious one, curious and will indeed pick it up.  Make a catchy phrase so they just might come check you out online!

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