Maximizing Subscriptions Without Losing Sales

Be Careful Not To Interrupt Your Sales Process

The one thing I will say to you is don’t interrupt your sales process at all if it can be helped. This is especially true when you’re selling a product to make a profit, and you don’t want a couple of off putting popup windows to put your customers off. There’s plenty of other ways that this can be done.

Maximizing Subscriptions Without Losing Sales

There’s plenty of ideas out there, such as the in a hurry system we talked about earlier, where you have a separate subscription for either at the top of the page and preferably down the side of the sales letter that offers people the chance to subscribe to your list, either through conventional means, offering something for the signup, or even through pop unders, which although I’m not a fan of, they’re better than popups that detract from your sales letter.

You can also offer your visitors the chance to receive the sales letter in a split format through follow-up if they don’t particularly have the time to read the whole thing straight up. Any of these methods beats the conventional, due to the fact that you’re not interrupting the sales process. If you feel you’re losing out on subscribers you can always create a product purely for resource building like we mentioned above. The only time I’d consider sales to be more important than plopping a dirty great subscription box in front of your visitors and potential subscribers, and this is when you’re selling a high ticket item. I’m talking $250 upwards, because to be honest, if you’re selling something at this price, the people seeing the product should already have you on their trusted list, and you should already have them on one of your lists or as part as your resources, whether it be your affiliates, customers, long term customers, your mailing list or even your joint venture prospects.

Non-Profit Resource Building

Moving on from this, and developing the non profit resource building ideas, there’s another way to look at this too, the first of two being to sacrifice a profit for resource building. Now ideally, you’ll want to build all your resources at the same time. However when this is not possible through a specific circumstance joint venture for example, if you get the choice of sales over resources, don’t do it, resources over sales every time, unless you’ve set out to sell a high ticket item.

Remember, like we talked about earlier, and I’m going to say again and again until every single person reading this dreams about it, where do the most powerful resources lie? JVs, other people’s lists, people that have already spent money and are willing to spend more, the best affiliates, the best buyers, the best customers, all on other peoples lists already. You’ve no need to go searching for new blood when others have done the work for you. Scored a JV with a good list owner? Nice job. You better make sure you gather them as leads over sales, because you may not get another chance to sink your teeth into this particular valuable gold mine.
The second option relating to sacrificing profit for resources is through e-zine ads. Oh yep, I have no doubt they still work, and there’s plenty of good well read publications out there that aren’t there just to provide another source of advertising for us all. Subscribe to a few and see what they’re about before even thinking about sending ads to them. When you know your target market is contained within, get out there and start hitting the e-zines through paid solo ads (generally the only ones that seem to work) with the sole intention of building your list.

I’ve seen some great examples of people actually selling a product, but placing a kind of entry page, a taster if you will that asks for information prior to them being able to read your sales letter. Whilst this doesn’t immediately interrupt a sales process already in motion, it can hurt profits if you’re not selling a lower price item, again with the intention of building resources, and if you’re not one heck of a copywriter that can persuade people to move on and fill in details with the minimal of information about you, get practicing and tracking or stick with alternative less risky methods. On a random note, I saw a website the other that day that featured these entry pages but with no lead generation forms. What’s worse is the website owner’s affiliates are promoting these pages! So much scope and potential wasted through a minor oversight. Don’t do it.

A Few Final Notes

Lastly a few quick notes on how not to do things, and some questionable activities that could be made better use of. First up is the Free stuff for your subscription, does it work? Yeah it does put simply. Remember though, quality over quantity. We’d rather have a 10k JV from a private list than a shoddy 100k from a dodgy ad list or something like that. Don’t give away too much! Every day I see people giving away a free e-book library of a hundred e-books written in the early 1990’s. I can tell you now, that if anyone actually did subscribe to get these free gifts, it was the only reason. I sure don’t want a list of a million freebie seekers, and I’m guessing neither do you. If you’re giving it away, make sure it’s not shoddy, but make sure it’s not worth hundreds of dollars too.

Ok well, that’s all of it for now. We just dealt with the lead generation specific areas here, but as you can see it’s not the easiest thing to do when all of the top five resources are tied into one and another. Make sure to remember this above all else.

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