Is It Possible to Stream a Podcast Live?

Let’s say that you have a podcast that you’re hosting on libsyn or some other service, but you want to start experimenting with creating a “live” show. Usually, podcasting services do not allow you to live stream your podcast, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. You just need to use a service that specializes in livestreaming content.

You can use sites like USTREAM,, and more recently YouTube to stream the live recording of your podcast.

Personally, I like ustream for live streaming shows. The reason for that, is that ustream has real time chatting tools that allow you to interact with your audience as the show is being recorded.

What that lets you do, is that it lets you ask your guests questions on the fly, from the audience. If you don’t have a guest, then it gives you the opportunity to interact with your listeners in a way that was not previously possible.

The downside to using a live streaming service, is that you may need to purchase additional equipment. You may need to setup a video camera, or get an additional cable or two in order to make your recording rig be able to send your voice up to the streaming service.

Another potential issue, is that you need to have high speed internet access in order to ensure the best possible quality. No one wants to see squares moving around and talking on the screen. Make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to send the voice and video upstream.

There are other alternatives to using livestreaming services. You could also use a telephone conference line and just have people dial in to the line, just like you would with a teleseminar, and they can listen to you record your podcast live.

Just about any teleseminar service could function like this, the biggest caveat, is that you need to be able to record the call, so you can distribute it as a podcast later on.

A word of advice on the whole livestreaming thing, you may want to have someone monitor and moderate the chat for you so that you can concentrate on your content. It is really easy for trolls to get into the chat channel, specially if you’re advertising your live shows, and start to disrupt things. Nothing pleases a trol more than knowing that they have gotten under your skin.

If you’re going the phone route, make sure that you have the option to put all of the attendees in “listen only” mode or something to that effect. That way, you’ll prevent people from talking over you and you’ll also not suffer from the background noise from the one person driving home and listening to you on the speaker phone.

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