Indirect Ways That Article Writing Improves Traffic Views

Article writing is helpful for your website in many ways. Some of the most obvious include people clicking on the link on your article as well as improving your credibility as an expert in your field so that you eventually increase traffic to your websites.

But you might not be aware of other ways in which article writing can help improve traffic views for your website.

#1: As You Write Articles, Your Profile Attracts More Attention

This first point assumes that you are writing high quality articles that people would like to read. As people from other walks of life continue to read your articles, they may become curious about you and want to learn about you more. This is an excellent opportunity to touch up your profile and make it look presentable. If you have a good profile, people will likely click on the links that you give them as it will present them with an opportunity to get to know you better. One of these links should be the website link to your business site.

Hopefully in the process, the viewers are not only clicking to get to your site but also clicking on the other links where they get to know you as a person better. If they like what they see, they can refer other people they know to your site and thus, views may start to multiply in big numbers. But it all starts with getting your profile the attention it needs.

#2: If You Write Enough High Quality Articles, You Will Eventually Attract Someone Who Will Want To Work With You

You never can tell who is reading your articles. One of these people could be with a business with a similar interest or point of view. That individual may decide to promote your articles and have you promote their articles in kind of a joint effort that will benefit both of you. For example, if you are a web design company and you write good articles, you may attract the attention of a freelance company who will want to promote your articles and may want you to do the same for their articles. You two may be able to join in a joint effort in terms of social media promotion of your articles or blogs. It could be a win-win for both parties, but it all starts with good quality articles that people are actually reading.

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