Improve Search Engine Rankings With RSS

RSS gives webmasters the ability to provide their readers with new content that pertains to their website, which aids in bringing loyal readers. Along with receiving more traffic since the content will be constantly updated, search engine spiders will crawl the site more often. The best part of all is that the content you provide or supply for your website will be automated. Of course, the benefits are RSS are not only seen with webmasters but internet surfers as well.

Let’s take a look at why search engines love RSS feeds.

These feeds provide content on the same subject matter. These are known as themed feeds. This aids webmasters in getting spiders crawling as the keywords they want to rank for are often found in the title of the feeds. Just by adding these feeds to your website, search engines will use this to tag your website as being one with related content.

Not only do RSS feeds provide relevant content but they also provide current and updated content at specific times. As a publisher adds an article to the feed, the oldest article in the group is taken off the feed. The changes happen simultaneously; therefore, the content is always new and current.

What these does for search engines is provides them with fresh updated content. This means the spiders will visit your website more often, normally once per day, if not more as long as the feed is updating every day. The more often spiders find new content that is relevant to your website, the more often they will visit which means your website will be indexed more often. Your pages will be indexed faster than competitors.

This may be hard to believe but you can actually receive better search engine rankings by using RSS feeds. Spiders are in search of relevant content and fresh content. If you are supplying both of these, you can certainly rank higher in the engines. Just be sure to find RSS feeds that use the keywords you desire to be ranked for and ensure your own content is relevant. This will certainly help you go up in ranks, which means more traffic and more sales or revenue.

Of course, you do not want to stuff keywords in your content, as this will not help your ranking. You want visitors just as much as you want spiders. The content should be readable, informative, and give visitors a reason to come back.

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