How to Maximize Your Cash Points From Give Away Events

Up until now, all we’ve been discussing is how to build your mailing list through joining Give Away events.

Now let’s talk about something more interesting… like how to make money from joining Give Away events.

It’s already a given that you can make money from:

  • The Give Away event affiliate program – if the event you’re joining has an affiliate program, you can earn commissions generally from any of your referrals taking advantage of the host’s One Time Offer.

  • Sending promo emails to your list – you can broadcast email promos to your mailing list since the new leads are now already in.

Here are even more ways I suggest you take advantage on to cash in on more cash points while getting subscribers in the process from the events you’re joining:

  • YOUR own One Time Offer

Yes, prepare your own One Time Offer. Very often, this is where you also keep 100% of the profits without having to share with the host of the event. You can introduce the One Time Offer to your visitors after they sign up and before they download the gift from you. Be sure to offer them 2 options: buy the offer from you and still download the gift afterwards OR pass the offer to get your gift.

  • Backend Offer

Slip a good backend offer in your Thank You page where the gift is. Whether you’re having a One Time Offer or not, you can cash on another cash point right here. The backend offer can be priced lower than the One Time Offer but it’s up to you to decide how much money you want to make.

  • Automated Emails

You can automate a series of sequential emails to your new subscribers, endorsing what I call “long term selling” products to them. You can also automate some reminders as well.

  • Affiliate links

If you’re contributing an E-Book or report as a gift, you can still depend on this cash point by putting affiliate links in your written digital product and get paid for some more takers through your recommendations.

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