How to Identify a Quality Give Away Event

Remember! Not all Give Away events are created equal.

Having said that, some Give Away events are great, some good and the others… real bad.

In fact recently, a number of marketers believe that Give Away events are beginning to become “wash outs” or diluted in their quality, and that they won’t work like a charm as they used to.

Now for the great news: Give Away events are still workable and viable list building models – as long as they are done right!

It’s really only a matter of joining the right Give Away event. So what makes a good Give Away event… good? Some important criteria you will want to look out for are listed below:

Give Away Event Factor #1:

The Partners are Cooperative

In short, are the partners in the same event as you are willing to endorse the event to their mailing lists as required? While it’s hard to tell if this is going to be your first few times giving a try at building your list through such events, you can usually tell whether the partners are cooperative or not if the partners are somewhat closely related or working together with the host.

This substantial difference can be seen in both of what I call “Massive” Give Away Events and “Mini” Give Away events.

Massive Give Away events are usually participated by more than 20-30 marketers in the same event, and its growth is often encouraged by the use of affiliate programs.

Mini Give Away events, on the other hand, are somewhat more “closed door” whereby the host is more selective of the partners he or she chose to work with.

While I cannot say which type of event is better than the other, from my experience, Mini events have most cooperative partners due to bias choosing and “closed door” invitation. Incidentally, it’s harder to enter a Mini Give Away event as an outsider.

Massive ones may or may not produce good signup results depending on the partners who join in. If the event is full of unknown marketers or free riders, you probably can tell that it might not be executed well.

Give Away Event Factor #2:

There Are Some Hard-Hitting Partners in the Same Event

If there are a couple of reputable partners joining in the same event, it would be a good chance to hitch a ride.

Important tip: In many cases, I learned that some top marketers usually just join in without putting in any effort in endorsing (which makes him or her a free rider, too). So if you learn that the specific marketer is that kind of person in nature, it’s probably not wise to join in that Give Away event… because the biggest free rider is there.

Not all top marketers are like this, fortunately.

Give Away Event Factor #3:

The Event Host is Trusted & Responsible

You can tell this if the event host regularly updates his or her partners on the event – before, during and after.

The event host is considered responsible if he or she monitors the event carefully on a regular basis, and that he or she DOES indeed remove the free riders from the event promptly, justifying other active partners’ efforts.

Give Away Event Factor #4:

The Event Has A Reputation

If the event has been heard of or recognized by many, this would be another attractive reason why you should join that Give Away event!

Give Away Event Factor #5:

You & The Partners Are All From The Same Niche

This way, the event would work successfully with everyone sharing subscribers of an almost same nature.

It would hardly work if all the partners come from a different background or niche. I mean, imagine pooling a gift to have people sign up for your “relationship dating” e-zine when all the other partners are referring subscribers from the Internet Marketing niche!

Give Away Event Factor #6:

The Give Away Event Is Hosted For A Limited Time Only

Give Away events should be running for a limited time only, and the model is at its best that way. It increases the urgency of people to sign up for your gift while protecting the value of your gift (assuming it’s used specially on for this occasion).

My idea of limited time events are in the range of 5 to 7 days but fewer than 14 that’s for sure. When you hear of events running for ridiculous time length like 21-30 days, or even forever… you will do well NOT to join them because the above 2 success factors are ripped away owing to the long time length.

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