How To Get Natural Links To Your Site

In this article I am going to discuss how you can get natural links back to your website that are of good quality and in line with Google’s terms. I am talking about links coming in to your website – not links going out. Google is looking for quality, natural links and you will be penalized if you try to manipulate getting links.

Gone are the days of finding a friend and asking them to swap links with you. You need natural good quality links.

There are ways to do this that are acceptable and also provide you with instant traffic as well as links back to your site for ongoing search engine optimisation traffic.


Article submissions are still a really good way to get back links – but only high quality article sites. Many of these sites are poor quality. Go to the best in your niche and write good quality articles.

When you write an article, remember to include a resource box at the end that links back to a page on your website. The search engines follow these links and help you rank higher in the search engine results.


Also posting a YouTube video with a link back to your website is a good way to get high quality links.


Another way is a forum signature. Now be careful with this one. Choose a forum that is directly related to your niche. If you sign up at any old forum then your link will not be from a related site and could stand out as being a manipulated link.

Make sure that you do get involved in the forum and provide helpful advice there.

Anchor Text

The text that you use to link back to your website is important. If you use the same keyword each time then it looks spammy. The key thing is to mix up your keyword phrases that you use in your anchor text. Think of natural keyword phrases that people might use if they were referring a friend back to your website.

Instant Traffic

Using these types of sites to get links back to your own website also provides you with instant traffic from the site itself. Visitors reading your articles, watching your videos and reading your forum posts.

The benefits of SEO are like a bonus! That will go on happening in the background and over time you will begin to see more traffic from the search engines.

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