How to Encourage Membership Growth on Your Forum

A forum demands members to be able to be all that it can be. Most every forum owner out there does whatever they possibly can to encourage members to be active and to make their forum great so that more members join.

Encouraging membership on a message forum may not be an easy task to many people but it is not impossible or even close to it. There are many different methods that a forum owner can use to encourage membership on their forum and growing their forum into an active online community.

Start off with content

When you open your new forum, it is going to be slow at first unless you have a team of members ready to help you launch it. If you don’t have that sort of team, it will take you to get it all started. You should start by treating the forum like a blog. Start making new topics, topics that is not found anywhere else but still contribute something worthy. Pretend that people are reading them but just not commenting.

Make as many topics as you want each day and post them frequently. This may be a common practice for the first couple of days or even weeks of your forum being online. You need to focus on filling your forum with plenty of content for readers to comment on if they decide to join the forum. If there is no content on the forum, is the forum really worth joining? You cannot make a forum and expect members to do all the work, that isn’t how it works!

Exchanges and posting services

One way to get members on a forum is to help another forum out in exchange for posts. A post exchange is where you post another forum and that forum owner matches the number of your posts on your forum. It’s like the old saying, you scratch my back and I will scratch your back! When you do post exchanges, you should always make great quality posts on other forums because you will likely get it in return. The other great thing about post exchanges is you can usually post your forum link in your signature as well and that could bring more members in. You can also try services like Post Loop where you post on other forums for points while allow you to list your forum to be posted on. Post Loop has a rating system so it’s likely that posters will give better quality posts because they want a higher rating from you.

Develop great relationships

Once you start getting real members, you should start developing friendships with them. If you develop great friends on your forum, then those friends will be loyal members as they will want to converse with you. It is a good idea to keep them on your forum so don’t give out messenger addresses or personal social network addresses, the websites that would let them converse with you off you forum that is! You should always treat very loyal members well, too! Don’t let them abuse the rules or anything like that but consider their suggestions and try to make them as happy as possible. Once you get a good group of loyal members, you can request they invite their friends to help you get the forum bigger. Loyal friends will help their friends out!

Become an expert

Get yourself known in your niche by becoming an expert in it. Join other related forums, not to advertise but to become well known for that niche. Blog about your niche so that more and more people see more about you in association with the niche. If you like to write, release a couple of free eBooks about the niche, videos and articles on article sites like this one. Another good thing is to develop relationships with the other experts of a niche and become friends with them, good friends. Other people will start to notice this and want to develop a relationship with you! Sooner or later, people who read this part of the article will be looking to develop a relationship with you, the niche expert.

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