How to Double Your AdSense Income

AdSense is the best publisher program available on the Internet. You can simply display relevant and engaging ads on your website or blog and make money.

If you have better and quality content to monetize then you make more money from Google AdSense.

Don’t build a site just for putting ads. That will not work for you. Build a high-quality site with lots of unique content that attracts visitors as well as advertisers.

AdSense works for you if you are stuck with Google Policies. Otherwise, you simply lose your account.

You can double your AdSense income by changing your ad format and positions.Don’t let Google decide your ad format and positions. This will not increase your income. Spend time to experiment with your format. Try various formats,colors and positions for your ad and watch the result.

You will get ad format tips from You won if your ad does not ‘look’ like an ad. If your ad is so natural and its color and font will match your content, you will definitely get lots of clicks.

Google Offers 12 kinds of text ads, so you can select the best format and place your ad in between your article. This will also increase your CTR.

Most people love to put image ads on their sites.In my opinion, text ads perform better than the image.Your properly formatted text ads don’t look like clutters. It will not take so many spaces than image ads. So always give first priority to text ads. You should also include image ads because it will stand out.

You can block ads that you don’t want to display in your website. You can limit around 200 URLs. So you can pick best paying ads for your website. Try to include CPM ads, this will give you a better income if you have a huge number of visitors. The best AdSense income generating website contains both text, image, CPM ads.

Make more quality content and experiment with your ad formats. Make sure that your website is about a particular niche. Niche website can earn more than a website that describes various topics.

Do some keyword research before writing your articles. Quality search engine traffic will double your income. So target the right keyword on the right pages in the right amount of time will increase your search engine visibility and also increase your traffic. Make more quality content and double your AdSense income.

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