How And Why Link Building Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings And Increase Your Traffic

One of the most important search engine focused tasks you can do for the long term success of your business, your website and any online content you publish is to create quality back links. Done properly, link building can have a very positive and profitable effect on your business. This is due to several factors.

First, link building is one of the top four most effective things you can do to get ranked well on Google, yahoo, Bing and all the other engines too. They look for sites that are relevant to the search topic and that are deemed important because a lot of other good sites link to them. Secondly, the more links pointing toward you, and links pointing toward those links and ad infinitum, the more eyeballs will take notice of you. In the end, this is what really matters.

That takes care of the why, pretty simple, right? After all, the goal for publishing online content, be it a blog, an article like this, a website, a video, or social postings is to attract attention that will hopefully turn into a paying customer. So the more opportunities there are to find you, the better you will be.

Now, let’s examine how to build back links. If you’ve done any research at all on this, you will have no doubt seen those services that claim they will get you hundreds or even thousands of links. While some of them do actually work, there is a big point to consider here. That point is: the search engines are smart and getting smarter. They know what you’re up to and why. So, if you play the game their way, you’ll be rewarded, if you play dirty, you will be punished. The key to anything online, be it article marketing, blogging, video posting, social networking, etc. etc. is organic.

What this means is that the search engines want to see you actually doing the work by hand and doing it for the benefit of their users, not for you. So, how does this relate to links? Well, it means that for the most part, stay away from those automated deals. Build your links the old fashioned way, by hand.

So what is the proper procedure? The first thing you want to do is build a solid tier 1 list of links to you. This means that you want a link to your online content to paper on quality websites and other content that in some real way relates to your business. The second thing to do is then go and create quality links on other websites, forums, social media, comments and the like to that first level of links you created.

What you are doing is creating a tree, with each level of the tree getting larger and larger. The search engines love it when they can go 2, 3 or even 13 deep into other sites and still find you. And this doesn’t hurt in bringing you traffic directly either.

But one final note here, in addition to building this nice tree, or what might look like a very profitable MLM organization, you also want to link things together independently. In other words, now it’s time to turn your tree into a spider web. A web that captures attention and funnels it right into your “parlor.”

It’s now time for you to go out and build some links on your own, or ask your internet marketing consultant to do so for you. It’s a timely and long term process, but the benefits are also long term and grow geometrically over time. This is a vital area of marketing, and not just internet, because as we always say, no matter what you’re doing, even in the “real world” you want to get them to your website. And quite frankly, they’ll come anyway.

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