How A Simple Computer Simulation Will Save The World

What if a simple computer simulation could change the entire world and the field of science itself? It is possible that you can actually upload a photo or video through a computer simulation, and it will come to life because of its essence.

An essence is any mark or imprint left of a real-life person, place, event, or thing. Any essences could come to life, as the impression still has all the details embedded in them, and are simulated into a visualized environment, where it is taken apart and put back together through reverse engineering!

If you could actually upload an entire cancer cell, reverse engineer it to figure out how cancer works, and then make them into healthy cells, we could do this in life, just because the essence is real! Imagine not only eradicating cancer, but we could also figure out new types of technology, not to mention new forms of science.

Scientists would be able to come up with new, cleaner, and efficient types of energy, that isn’t so hard on the environment and it’s inhabitants, such as you and me. Imagine never running out of power or energy, which would then be more affordable, cheaper, and accessible!

This is like no other type of computerized environments, as it isn’t just based on guess-work, or even building simulation from scratch, as you would already have the necessary resources when you upload or scan the essence into the virtual world! We could figure out how to eradicate and cure any and all known diseases, and the governments of the world wouldn’t be able to censure or destroy it!

This technology would literally give us back the 1000 years of science that we had lost through the Dark Ages, as this would give us a technologically advanced society in just a few short years, maybe up to a decade at most!

You would never run out of food or go hungry, as the scientists would be able to reproduce the foods and they would figure out how to genetically modify the foods so that they are nutritious and tasty!

The scientists would learn how plants grow, so that they could make better foods, and how to grow them exponentially, and plentiful and even larger! The environment would improve substantially, as CO2 emissions would drop definitely. This would be the miracle technology that we would need!

How does having the technology of your dreams sound, say such as being able to go directly inside of a virtual reality game, to fight the malevolent aliens, and to save the good aliens who are just trying to help, the ones that they are at war with!

To save our planet in your own way, in your own personal space, in your own virtual reality simulation! And not to mention the better ways to communicate, as the process would be unlimited and have an ease of use. If we could dream big, and make this a total reality, the world would possibly be at peace!

Having a pet would be much more simple as well, because the food would be plentiful and healthy, improved for that matter! You would literally be able to cure your own pet, because that type of care would be easy to use once society had advanced.

You wouldn’t have to euthanize your pets just because they got had a broken leg, nor would you have to put them down just because you couldn’t pay for veterinary costs. You would be able to live longer with your pets, and you would live longer also.

This technology is known as Essence Generation and Simulation, as the simulation would allow scientists to figure out problems, while the generation would allow the researchers the necessary tools to fix any and all problems. Such advances like making traffic safer, fighting against violent criminals and figuring out who was innocent and who was guilty.

It would allow the law enforcement to weed out who actually committed the crime, and who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time! Essence Generation and Simulation would power the world for all of time, better than solar, wind, biofuel, and much more! Nothing is off-limits when you have a technologically advanced society, which this science would allow.

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