High Ticket Product Ideas

High Ticket Product Ideas

No suite of products or services is complete without some “diamond” level of offerings that are of interest to your customers.

While these may not appeal to more than a core group of your client base, the fact that you enjoy such a strong relationship based on the performance of your low ticket and mid ticket offerings will help them to trust you with these high ticket products as well.

When you think in terms of high ticket products and services, an average of $297.00 to $997.00 is a nice average range. Of course, there is nothing with going for high ticket products that are $1,000.00 or more, depending on how they relate to your other products and the demographics of your client base.

Here are some ideas for high ticket offerings that may be a great fit with your business model.

Coaching / Mentoring

There is plenty of demand these days for professional coaches and motivational speaker. All across the country, people whose entire purpose is to inspire, instruct, and help people identify where they want to go in life are raking in very nice fees.

Motivational instructors and mentors are making their money with in person classes, but they are also doing very well with audio and visual sessions as well. Generally speaking, a class will be promoted and persons will be invited to register and pay a flat fee to attend.

Generally speaking, that fee will depend on the number of sessions that will be included in the series. Upon registration, the attendee will receive instructions on how to access the sessions via phone and/or the Internet.

The session will often allow for some degree of interaction, with the frequency and mode of interaction controlled by the mentor.

How does this relate back to your product line? Chances are you had to identify some specific applications for your offerings before you ever got your first sale. Some of your mentoring can be to help people understand how your other products save them time and money and in some cases help them to make more money and expand their business.

In a related note, if you have a number of customers who work in companies where dealing with customers is a daily thing, you can most certainly fill a void.

Among the mentoring sessions you could offer are such topics as how to defuse an angry customer, how to get a customer to tell you what is really bothering them and how to bring a former customer back into the fold.

You can draw on your own expertise as well as your experiences and come up with some motivational style mentoring classes that will be sure to be of interest to your customers.


Like mentoring sessions, tele-seminars are something that more and more people are comfortable with. They save time, definitely cut back on travel expenses, and allow attendees to get back to work more quickly, which helps to keep productivity high around the office.

When it comes to tele-seminars, you can offer subject matter you create and host in house, or you can become a means of providing a special guest speaker for a tele-seminar. Perhaps you can snag a best selling author who has written an exciting new book on Internet marketing.

Arrange for a one time tele-seminar where the author discusses his book and entertains questions afterward. The audience will pay a flat fee to attend and have the ability to participate in the question and answer session. For additional revenue, you can make the proper arrangements to record the tele-seminar and make copies of it available after the fact.

Exclusive Membership Sites

Everyone likes to feel special. One of the easiest ways is to create and manage an exclusive membership site. You can put together something that is specifically for a select group of persons, such as CEO’s, chief financial officers, executive directors of non-profit organizations, or any niche market that is composed of people who could benefit from networking with their peers and can afford to pay a nice figure for that privilege on a monthly or annual basis.

Include in the membership discounts on items of interest such as trade magazines geared toward that market or savings on attended tele-seminars and mentoring sessions that are relevant to this exclusive group. By providing networking opportunities as well as the discounts, you can find yourself with a nice way to move high ticket offerings with no trouble at all.

Lucrative Service Such As Copywriting

Support services are something that will always make an impact with businesses. By offering to take over such tasks as writing copy for new ad campaigns or sales and marketing collateral, preparing brochures, and editing other basic types of correspondence that the company uses regularly, you can save them a bundle and make a nice bit of profit for yourself.

Here are some reasons why outsourcing to you would be advantageous, rather than keeping it all in house:

  • They do not have to pay your taxes. You are not an employee, so Payroll does not have to keep up with you.

  • There are no perks such as insurance, retirement, or vacation to calculate. Working essentially as a consultant, none of these factors enter into the picture. They save money.

  • The company can focus on its business without devoting a lot of resources to ancillary matters. You are dealing with all that.

  • No time spent in development. They simply have to approve the finished product.

While it is true that consulting does not come cheap, it still ends up being much more cost effective than keeping someone on the payroll. Between the salary and the benefits that would be required by someone talented enough to do what you are offering to provide, you could be talking about saving tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

The fact is that you can make quite a tidy profit by pitching a deal that requires an opt in payment up front, with several smaller payments as each of the action items or projects are completed. This means some immediate profit for you, with the promise of more as the tasks are finished.

When it comes to providing high ticket offerings, knowing what your resources are and how well those match up with needs within your client base will help lead you to that type of high ticket products you can provide immediately, as well as help you prepare a laundry list of others that you hope to have set up and working in a short time.

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