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GRAND OPENING – FTCAO OPENS IT’S DOORS FOR CINCINNATI BUSINESSES                                                          ONLINE SERVICES                                                         Benefit from Website Development Advertising Strategies

Cincinnati, Ohio: (FTCAO) For The Cincinnati Area offers local Cincinnati Businesses ready-made, professional, one page websites The marketing efforts will enable escalation of sales and will cause a tremendous boost to their corporate profitability.

CEO, Carol J Mehlman says, “To the eye of the consumer, they need to see the professional layout of your products and services being offered and these websites speak that loud and clear”.  When people need information these days they go to “Google It”.  That is where we come in by offering these websites to Cincinnati Businesses.  Because our company was founded in 2012, they are already indexed and waiting!

The idea is to have neighboring businesses  get involved together by the packages we have created.  The more local businesses (up to four) enables greater savings for all of them. Strength in numbers creates quite  “The Buzz” and forms “Team Players” among the community!  We offer all of this:

  • Professional Online Business Webpages
  • Ready-Made, Just Add Your Business Information
  • We Host Your Professional, Ready-Made Website
  • Holiday Revisions Are Included On Your Site
  • We Maintain Your Website Year Round
  • Search Engine Optimized Websites
  • We Are Your Webmaster.

About (FTCAO) For The Cincinnati Area: Website Development Company, offering local Cincinnati Businesses, online advertising in the form of webpages, including but not limited to Video Marketing add-ons.  Founded in 2012.  Grand Opening Offers Super Special Discounts!  Visit today for more information at: .  Questions?

 P.S.  Know a Cincinnati Business?  Please Forward… Thanks!

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